FSA E-System hub based motor could be a new option for road, hybrid & gravel ebikes for 2023

There are lots of new shifting and drive train options coming from the FSA camp at Eurobike 2022. First was the updated K-Force WE 12-speed groupset, and now E-System; a rear hub electric-assist motor.

FSA E-System

The E-System looks to be an OEM-only option we could see popping up on the road, gravel, and commuter ebikes for the upcoming year.

FSA E-System working internals

FSA E-System — What is it?

FSA System’s E-System boasts a total of 500Wh (250Wh battery unit + 250Wh RE). The 20-cell, 250Wh battery unit integrates entirely inside the frame. Riders can install the extra 250Wh battery in a bottle cage for longer rides.

Like most ebike systems, E-System has an LED HID push button that integrates into the top tube and an accessible charge port above the bottom bracket.

FSA E-System hub

FSA E-System — What are the ride settings?

There are five assistance settings, one that is neutral and four that are active. The motor features an integrated torque sensor and speed sensors, which FSA claims can adapt to different riding styles and changing conditions. The new FSA E-System boasts a smartphone app with integrated on-bike control for those looking to keep both hands on the bars. The E-System is fully compatible with the Garmin ebike remote and appears to use a band-style strap for easy on/off.

FSA E-System remote lever

How fast will it go?

FSA explains, “When exceeding the EU-mandated limit of 25km/h for electrical assistance (32km/h for the USA), the “FSA System” hub shuts down and presents minimal friction and resistance to the drivetrain, allowing the rider to experience a natural and free pedaling motion.”

Does it sound like a motor?

The new flex for ebike motors is the volume output, and the new E-System is relatively quiet, outputting less than 55 decibels.

FSA E-System App

When will we see it on bikes?

We’re going to have to wait and see. Right now (as everyone knows), the stock is the name of the game, and if you have it, bike manufacturers will spec it. It’s uncertain if we will see this many bikes in North America, but I would bet the European market could see it soon, especially with the high demand for ebike components.

FSA E-System hub close up

FSA E-System Hub/Motor

The FSA E-System motor adopts an integrated torque sensor with a linear response. It has continuous and stable power and can automatically adjust the speed, ample starting torque, climbing assistance, and anti-brake blocking solid ability. There are reports of the FSA E-System on road and gravel frames that look like 12×142 spacing, but the final spec will most likely be up to the bike manufacturer.

• Integrated battery design (250WH).
• External battery as optional (+250WH) for a total of 500WH.
• One on/off button and assistance level selection.
• Five assistance levels, including GREEN (eco) and RED (boost).
• No limit for bike frame geometry, even for a pure road race geometry in sizes S and XS.
• Low Q-factor.
• Incredibly low friction over 25KMh.
• Specific FSA app for the end user.
• Remote diagnostic for dealer

FSA E-System intube battery

FSA E-System Li-ion in-tube battery

• 252Wh / 7ah 36V
• Downtube integrated
• Fit and forget design
• Easy recharge via the frame charging port

FSA E-System external battery

FSA E-System Li-ion external battery

• 252Wh / 7ah 36V
• “Bottle-cage” position
• External removable design
• Easy recharge via charging adapter

FSA E-System app screens and diagnostics

FSA E-System App

The FSA E-System app works with iOS and Android devices, allowing the rider to record ride and usage statistics, display the remaining battery life and charge status, and feature full GPS turn-by-turn navigation. The app also features a diagnostic center with chatbot interaction and the facility to communicate directly with FSA’s service centers.

For more information, check out FSA.com.

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23 days ago

What is the spacing on that hub motor? 142mm x 10?

Richard Elsdon
22 days ago
Reply to  nooner

142×12 id guess. Limited info, surprising given br reported on its release… in 2019 https://bikerumor.com/fsa-system-rear-hub-e-bike-motor-powers-road-gravel-commuting-more/

19 days ago

Aside from the battery, how is this one different from FSA’s 250W hub motor system used on 2020 Raleigh and iZip ebikes? That system had a 400Wh external battery, which was unique to FSA.