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Fyxation Adds More Toro To Lineup With Two New Bars

Fyxation Rodeo Pursuit Bullhorn Bars
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Fyxation Rodeo Pursuit Bullhorn Bars

Fyxation just added two bullhorn bars to their urban goods arsenal – the Rodeo and the Rodeo Pursuit.

The Rodeo and the Rodeo Pursuit are both bullhorns, but each bar welcomes a different style of riding.  The main difference is the Rodeo Pursuit gets a 40mm drop, giving you a bit of extra power for sprints while the basic Rodeo bar is a good all-around city bar.

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Fyxation Rodeo Bullhorn Bar

The Rodeo Bullhorn

Fyxation says:  “this straight bullhorn is rigid and is ideal for slipping through city traffic or cruising the open road.”

I’d agree with Fyxation’s statement here.  I have some aluminum bullhorns of the same style as the Fyxation Rodeo equipped on my fixed gear city-slicker.  Bars like this allow for (I’d say) as many hand positions as drop bars allow.  They are made from aluminum, but regardless of their aluminum construction, these bars actually absorb most road turbulence.  I’ve taken bulls like these on packed city streets and on long trips and have no complaints.  Plus, my girlfriend says I look sexy when I ride bullhorns.  Specs:

  • Construction:  6061-T6 Aluminum
  • Widths:  40cm, 42cm
  • Clamp Diameter:  25.4mm
  • Weight:  235g
  • Colors offered:  Black, White, Silver
  • Price: $25.95

Click here to check ’em out at the Fyxation website.

Fyxation Rodeo Pursuit Bullhorn Bar

The Rodeo Pursuit Bullhorn

Fyxation says:  “Whether riding the center for comfortable spinning or forward for sprints, the Rodeo Bullhorn bar is the ideal city bar.”

Firstly, I have never tried bars with bends like these.  But I want to.  I really really want to.  Why?  Because these bars look sick. They look aggressive and they look scary.  Being an urban cyclist, I have a natural calling toward aggressive and scary things.  Although these bars allow for some scary aerodynamic sprinting positioning, they also provide some relaxed positions (because not all of us drool at the idea of sprinting back from the grocery store with a backpack full of milk, eggs, bread and Tecate).  Specs:

  • Construction:  6061-T6 Aluminum
  • Width: 40, 42cm
  • Clamp Diameter: 25.4mm
  • Drop: 40mm
  • Weight: 255g
  • Colors Offered:  Black, White, Silver
  • Price:  $32.95

Click here to view the Rodeo Pursuit bars at the Fyxation website.

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wv cycling
12 years ago

I got a saddle for review from Fyxation a year or so ago. They have some pretty genuine items at fair prices. We’re not talking assos quality, but they still look pretty nice while doing the job right.

That’s what most of us care about first, no? #1 Function – #2 Form – #3 Fashion

12 years ago

The Rodeo Pursuit Bullhorn looks reasonably similar to the Nitto RB021 (http://thumbnail.image.rakuten.co.jp/@0_mall/giro/cabinet/00044577/rb021_1.jpg), if not quite as aggressive in the drop. The RB021 is a great bar: stiff, light, and when climbing or sprinting the drop to the bullhorn really helps get your weight forward and low. Also, as you said, they look awesome.

The flats are pretty narrow at the top, and there’s a learning curve to riding on the sloped part where it drops from the clamping area, but I love mine. I’m sure the Fyxation ones will be popular at that price, with the less aggressive drop.

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