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Gear Roundup: Bikepacking bags, frame bags, lights & more!

prototype osprey bikepacking bags
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There were a LOT of new and updated bags for everywhere on your bike at Sea Otter, with some fresh takes on traditional designs that offer new utility. Plus, some new sizes, colorful kits, lights, and a few more soft goods worth showing off.

Kicking things off, Osprey gave us a sneak peek of their prototype bikepacking setup, which includes a saddle bag, handlebar bag, frame bag, and top tube bag. They’re still being tested and refined, but looking at a release later this year.

closeup details of prototype osprey bikepacking bags

Several sizes of frame bag will be offered, and it and the top tube bag get waterproof zippers with garages to hide the hardware while leaving the pull tabs visible and accessible.

closeup details of prototype osprey bikepacking bags

The handlebar bag uses roll closures on either end with compression straps separate from the attachment straps, plus loops to attach smaller packs, fine tune it’s position, and secure it to the stem or headtube if necessary. But firm rubber mounts add some space between it and the bar so it won’t take up hand positions and will clear drop bars better.

closeup details of prototype osprey bikepacking bags

The saddle bag gets a wrapper that mounts to the saddle and post with a very wide, secure Velcro strap around the post to help stabilize it. The roll-top dry bag then slots into it and secures with a strap running around the back, through the roll-top’s closure, so it won’t come out. Plenty of compression points and a one-way air valve help you get it packed tight. It should be big enough to hold a one-person bikepacking tent and some clothes. No word on pricing or ship dates yet.

Cedaero fork bag and custom frame bags

cedaero bikepacking bag for fork mounts with zipper top

The new Cedaero Fork Lift bag ($89.95) is designed to slide and strap onto the 3-bolt King Cage fork cage.

cedaero bikepacking bag for fork mounts with zipper top

Unlike all the roll-top fork bags, this one uses a long zip to create a wide-opening flap that makes it much quicker and easier to access the goodies inside, and the design makes it really easy to remove so you can carry it inside or to your camp.

cedaero saddle bag and custom bicycle frame bags

They also have a wide range of stock bags for every part of your bike, and will make custom bags to fit specific bikes, including full suspension mountain bikes.

cedaero saddle bag and custom bicycle frame bags
cedaero saddle bag and custom bicycle frame bags

Their saddle bag has a firm plastic band inside that maintains the shape so it’s easy to see the stuff inside, or you can can remove it if you want to cinch the strap down tight to compress it.

cedaero top tube bags

And they have top tube bags in every color of the rainbow and then some.

KOM Cycling saddle bag with Garmin Varia mount

KOM cycling saddle bag with integrated garmin varia radar light mount

KOM Cycling has a new saddle bag ($40) with a direct mount for the Garmin Varia rear radar light.

KOM cycling saddle bag with integrated garmin varia radar light mount

If you’ve ever tried mounting one on a bike without much seatpost extension, then you know how great of an idea this is. For shorter riders, it’s an easy way to add the safety device, but also just a great spot for it for any rider.

KOM cycling out front computer mount with quick release camera and light mount attaches to stem bolts

They also have a new direct stem bolt mount version of their outfront computer mount with quick-release accessory mount. It uses the same two-prong attachment as all GoPros, so there are a lot of lights and action cams that fit, and you just twist it off for easier charging or filming.

Blackburn side marker lights and other mounts

blackburn side marker bike lights

Blackburn’s GRID head and tail lights are awesome, I’ve been using them for some time. What’s unique is the addition of a side marker light set, letting you add more visibility from all angles with yellow/amber lights that attach to both sides of your frame or fork.

blackburn CO2 mount for rear shocks

They were also showing off a stretch strap that holds a CO2 or any of their mini tools that are shaped like a CO2 to your shock’s air canister. Their MTB mini frame bag has been in the line for a while and offers a bit more storage on some frames (I’d suggest making a paper template and seeing if the shape works for your bike before buying).

blackburn handlebar roll bag

The GRID handlebar bag is a recent addition to their line of city and bikepacking bags, which includes a fantastic saddle bag that I’ve been using for quite some time, as well as their Outpost top tube bag.

Ornot XL handlebar bag and artist prints

ornot xl handlebar roll bag

Ornot has just added a new XL version of their handlebar roll bag, shown here next to the Mini. It adds more external lash pints, but isn’t quite for sale yet. As they say, you could get on their email list, ornot.

ornot artist prints cycling tees and jerseys

They were also showing off Artist Series versions of their Trail Shirts, which you should probably reach out to them about because they’re not on the website yet.

Mend It Kit MTB-ready first aid kit

mend it first aid kits strap to your bike

The Mend It Kit is a mountain biker’s first aid kit that can strap to your frame, however I’d probably just throw it in a pack due to the somewhat open design…but that design is intentional, every part of it serves a purpose, without a pouch or anything to add weight or bulk.

contents of mend it first aid kits

The orange outer wrapper is a splint, and the black Velcro strap is the tournequet, with all supplies contained inside two waterproof packets to keep them together. The black mesh thing on the top left is a 3D printed carbon fiber finger splint, which is designed to bend in one direction (to curve around your finger), but not in the other (to keep your finger straight once it’s taped in place). Pretty cool design, and just one of many 3D-printed things Zach found for his roundup.

Restrap’s race frame bags

restrap racing frame bags for lightweight fast packing on a gravel bike

If you’re rolling fast and light, or “credit card bikepacking”, Restrap’s race line of frame bags are fantastic looking. I’ve only tried the top tube bag, and I love it. Hoping to give the rest a whirl this summer. These aren’t new, but they will have some fresh options coming later this year.

Orucase adjustable cardboard bike box & duffel bags

orucase adjustable size cardboard shipping box for bicycles

The new Orucase Telescoping Bike Box is a thick, tough cardboard box for packing and shipping your bike that has a few tricks. First, it comes in two parts that nest together, so you can slide them to adjust it’s length to fit you bike. Once you’ve got it dialed, you can use straps to contain it, or just select one of two fixed positions (Short 48″, Long 62″) and use the integrated flaps on top and bottom to lock it into position.

orucase adjustable size cardboard shipping box for bicycles

The ends use multi-part closures, so you don’t have to use tape if you’re not actually shipping it, and the whole thing ships inside a very small box that can be reused for storage. Retail is $50 plus $15 shipping.

orucase duffel bag with drain ports and sections for athletic gear

Their new Janus Duffel bag was originally introduced as house-made options to test the market, and now they’re made overseas and come with a healthy $100 price drop to $150.

It’s purpose built for athletes with multiple pockets separate shoes and sweaty things, plus a few small internal organizing pockets keep stuff tidy. The top flap’s internal zip pocket can even fit the smallest MacBook Air or iPad Pro, but there’s no padding to protect it.

orucase duffel bag with drain ports and sections for athletic gear

The new model also adds convertible backpack straps, and keeps the oversized grab handles. Zippered end pockets have a second zippered mesh panel to help things breathe…or drain.

orucase bike bags

They also make a lot of on-bike bags, and the Mini Frame Bag was redesigned earlier this year, made with a durable sailcloth material, foam reinforcement, and YKK Aquaguard zipper. Available in six colors, it also has two outside pockets on the sides, reflective details, and runs $75.

Kali Cascade trail helmet gets even more eco-friendly

kali recycled and upcycled bicycle helmets made from post industrial waste

Introduced last year, the Kali Cascade introduced a lot of green features, from a visor made of reclaimed ocean plastic to recycled EPS foam to straps made from recycled PET to padding that uses Bamboo.

Now, they’re starting to take things a big step further by incorporating post-industrial waste materials from their factory. The colored insets shown around their vents are scrap material left over from making other helmets, which not only looks cool but means every helmet made this way will be unique, and it keeps that material from going in the trash.

kali recycled and upcycled bicycle helmets made from post industrial waste

Inside, the foam padding is cut from scraps, too. These are still proof of concept helmets, they’re still working on how this could happen at scale, but we love seeing the creativity and problem solving Kali brings to the table.

kali artist series mountain bike helmets

For now, the Cascade is available in black and this new Green Feathers edition.

Silca rainbow anodized ti bottle cage

rainbow anodizing on silca titanium water bottle cage

Ya know what would look great with that Kali helmet prototype? This rainbow anodized Sicuro Ti Unicorn bottle cage, which is available now for $85.

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