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Get Fitter, Faster, Stronger on the bike with pro training tips from Nino Schurter

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It’s OK to admit it. Most of us will never be the next Nino Schurter. But all of us can train like Nino Schurter. To do that, Nino is giving us all a peak into some of his usual training routine. Episode one focuses on his circuit training routine that was shown to Nino 17 years ago by his coach, Nicolas Siegenthaler.

With a few variations you could probably do this routine at home depending on what kind of exercise equipment you have on hand. But even if you don’t have an exercise ball, or the right weights, you could create some kind of circuit that would come close. All of this will help ensure that you’re in peak shape when it’s time to get back on the trails!

Q & A with the Champ from Scott Sports

Are you still motivated even though the season schedule is unknown and the Olympics are postponed?

A: It’s indeed devastating. However, as an athlete, I’m familiar with adapting to unforeseen things. It’s just like in a race getting a flat. You then have the choice of giving up or continue and make the best out of it. With the situation now, I’ll go ahead positively with all I have.

What are some simple changes people can make to their gym workout to see a big improvement?

A: The simple change is to get started. And now is the perfect time for that. The good thing about gym workouts are you will feel an improvement in a very short time, which is motivating to continue and stay on it.

How are you using the extra time at home due to the coronavirus?

A: I’m blessed to live in a beautiful place, so staying more at home with the family is a very positive thing for me. In fact, I am enjoying the slower past of things after many years at a hectic pace.

Do you have a couple of words of advice for athletes out there struggling to stay motivated during these challenging times?

A: How each one of us reacts to difficult times is very individual. The thing that helps most in such situations is staying positive. If we can overlook the negatives and still see the positive in life, the motivation will be there at all times.


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