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Get your Ride On in Paris and France with new Zwift maps that are now open to all riders

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Recently, Zwift held the first virtual Tour de France and l’Etape du Tour de France. Maybe you even watched some of the virtual racing or took part in the group rides. But I’m guessing I speak for many Zwift riders when I say that what I was really excited about, was the addition of new maps.

While the Virtual TdF and l’Etape du Tdf started on the existing world of Watopia, eventually the included the new maps of France and Paris. Until now, those worlds were limited to the race and the l’Etape, but now they’re finally open to all users.

 Paris and France with new Zwift maps france

The France map centers around a town that was supposedly inspired by La Rochelle in the southwest of France. It includes a number of iconic landmarks like Mont Saint-Michel, fields of sunflowers, and the Carnac Stones.

 Paris and France with new Zwift maps mont ven top

This map is also home to the Zwift-ified version of the legendary Mont Ventoux. Called Mont Ven-Top here, the segment is 19km long with 1,480m of elevation making it the longest climb in Zwift. As one of seven different route options for the map, you can start right at the base of Mont Ven-Top, for the 12.9mi route with 5049ft of climbing.

Routes on the France Map

  • Casse-Pattes (22.9km, 155m): roll through the flatlands before ascending the switchbacks up to the hilly KOM. After a fast and furious descent, hit the Marina for a mad-dash finish.
  • Douce France (24km, 133m): roll past stunning chalets, seasides, and sunflowers. The sights and sounds of France are all around you. It’s a sweet route, but there is some sting in it too.
  • La Reine (event-only, 22.8km, 1,181m): enjoy the river road, Balloon Field, and Petit KOM before climbing Mont Ven-Top up to Chalet Reynard.
  • Petit Boucle (60.8km, 483m): This little loop takes in all the roads of the valley in both directions.
  • R.G.V. (24km, 133m): a high-speed sprinter’s course that traverses the flatter roads of the French countryside.
  • Roule Ma Poule (22.9km, 155m): get ready to roll on this undulating course. Take the direct route up to the hilly KOM, descend the switchbacks, and then traverse the flatter countryside.
  • Tire-Bouchon (60.8km, 483m): this route heads straight up to the hilly KOM before corkscrewing its way around the valley. After a lap of this, you might need a glass of wine…or two.
  • Ven-Top (20.8km, 1,539m): the shortest route to the legendary summit

 Paris and France with new Zwift maps paris sprint

If you’re looking for something a little flatter, you can run some laps on the Champs-Élysées. Ride by the Eiffel Tower, Place de la Condorde, the Grand Palais, and of course the Arc de Triomphe. Just two routes are available here, but if you’ve ever wanted to ride the finishing sprint at the TdF, here’s your (virtual) chance.

Routes on the Paris Map

  • Champs-Elysees (6.6km, 39m): the most famous finishing sprint in cycling.
  • Lutece Express (6.6km, 39m): rewind history as you travel the roads of Paris.

Both maps are currently available to ride, and they’ll continue to be available all week. After that, they’ll be shuffled into the regular rotation on the guest world schedule.


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Dolan Halbrook
Dolan Halbrook
3 years ago

The more routes, the better. That Ventoux climb is an ass kicker.

3 years ago

I love having the new roads but they’re a bit monotonous.

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