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Gettin’ Some on the Side, the King Cage Stainless Steel Side Loader Bottle Cage, a Review

King Cage Stainless Side Loader Review mounted right leaning(Photos/Ron Frazelle)
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Ron Andrews works his magic as the master craftsman behind the boutique bicycle bottle cage company, King Cage. Located in Durango, Colorado, the small, family-run, King Cage bends all of their cages by hand right in Ron’s basement garage using all USA-sourced materials. I’m a big fan and a long-time customer. So, when they reached out to ask if I’d like to review their unique new Stainless Steel Side Loader cage for the Haro Saguaro 1 I was reviewing, I was on board.

King Cage Stainless Side Loader Review the shop

For those who have seen some of my builds, you may have noticed that their Iris Cage is usually my first choice.

First Inspection

King Cage Stainless Side Loader Review mounting plate
(Photos/Ron Frazelle)

Out of the box, it looked like a regular bottle cage, as nothing immediately stood out as a side-loader bottle cage. As I looked closer, I noticed that the back, mounting plate was angled with mounting holes off to the side.

The mounting holes on either side allow for using the cage on the right or the left, depending on how you grab your agua.

King Cage Stainless Side Loader Review off to the side

Mounting was simple. I was initially worried about the bottle getting in the way, but after mounting it, I saw that in my particular application, it didn’t.

King Cage Stainless Side Loader Review mounted to the right

I would imagine that my application, on the inside of the down tube, would be 90% of the applications for this cage.

Side Loader Out on The Trail

I know in the end, it’s just a water bottle cage, but using the Side Loader was a little bit of a game-changer, for me. Let me explain. Like most of us, I’ve always at the minimum, had a bottle cage on the inside of my down tube. In a tight frame, like the Haro Saguaro 1, or my RSD Middle Child, it’s always been fairly easy to get to, but tight.

King Cage Stainless Side Loader Review on the ride
Tough to photograph while riding. It looks to be in the way, but it’s not even close. But perfect for a quick and easy grab of the bottle.

For the Haro Saguaro 1, I initially installed and tried the King Cage Stainless Steel Bottle Lowering cage. I ran that cage on the bike for a few rides. It worked fine, but still felt a bit tight in the front triangle. After the first ride with the side King Cage Stainless Side Loader mounted, as you might expect, grabbing my water bottle was easy. In fact, reaching for my water bottle and putting it back while riding has never been easier.

Side Loader Retail, Go Get One

Retail: $30

In the grand scheme of things, it’s not a huge problem. But if you can’t efficiently use a traditional water bottle in your bicycle’s front triangle, then the King Cage Stainless Steel Side Loader is a great problem-solving product.

Stainless steel won’t mark up your bottles. It’s light and durable. It’s corrosion-resistant. Plus, it’s classy. The King Cage Stainless Steel Side Loader is handmade in Durango, Colorado, by a small family-owned company using 304 USA-sourced stainless steel.

Check out all of the cool King Cage goodies at the link below.


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27 days ago

It’s amazing how some of the simplest solutions are also the best. Kudos to King Cage folks.

Deputy Dawg
Deputy Dawg
26 days ago

Best in the business.

Worth noting is that a lot of bikes will take a one-liter Zefal Magnum bottle (my favorite) is the cage is a bit lower than normal.

King has you covered.

Dr Sweets
Dr Sweets
25 days ago

Ergonomic benefits aside, I think potentially one of the better uses for this would be on bikes with minimal real estate for a bottle to fit into. Especially true of bikes with reservoir shocks and certain frames.

24 days ago

Come on now. The bottle is way off to one side and that is not a problem because it is not that far off that it actually hits your calves?
For sure I can’t be the only one who thinks it is an eye sore…?

This is simply a design flaw. No other side loading bottle cage I’ve ever seen has the bottle off center. I like King Cage (their products and the type of company they are), but this thing should go back to the drawing board.

Zach Overholt
24 days ago
Reply to  WhateverBikes

This basically accomplishes what the Wolf Tooth Components B-RAD Bottle Shift dog bone does without an adapter. Shifting the bottle over slightly can be very useful in situations where shock placement makes getting a bottle in/out of the frame difficult. Not necessary for a lot of frames, but for those that need it, very helpful.

24 days ago
Reply to  Zach Overholt

But that’s the whole idea of a side loading bottle cage…
As long as the bottle itself fits in to place (even with nearly any margin), you are good to go, as you take out and put in the bottle from the side (instead of to/from the top, which means you need space there).
This bottle cage looks like it needs (at least a bit) space above it too, as it is a fairly conventional design. All it does is place it a bit to the side.
I guess they should name it the ‘off center’ bottle cage, instead of a side loading one.

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