Giyo’s brilliant CO2 valves add pressure gauge, dual function pumps & more!

Filed under “why hasn’t someone done this before?” is the new Giyo CO2 inflators with built-in tire pressure gauges. They’re available in two versions, one where you simply thread the CO2 in to puncture and inflate it (center), and one with a control dial to let you dictate the fill rate. Either way, you’ll be able to see what the tire pressure is when you’re done.

giyo co2 chuck tire inflator with built in pressure gauge

On the right is another brilliant addition, a simple CO2 inflator cap that uses a spacer to prevent puncturing the seal until you’re ready to use it, but still lets you keep the inflator threaded onto the cartridge. We like this idea because it not only keeps everything together and reduces the likelihood of losing a small inflator cap, but it also protects the CO2 cartridge.

To use it, simply unthread, remove that black spacer cap, then thread it back on all the way. The bezel on the inflator’s body let’s you open the flow when you’re ready. Simple, and brilliant…just the kind of accessory we love!

On the floor pump side, they were showing off their new dual gauge dial design, which is still a single, but adds more increments to the low pressure side to help you find exactly the measurement you’re looking for. It gets better…

The pump head was more exciting to us. It’s a simple single-valve design with flip lever that works on both Presta and Schrader, but builds in a release button. You’ll also find this pump head on their new…

giyo dual high and low pressure bicycle tire floor pump works for road mountain cyclocross and gravel bikes with individual pressure gauges

…dual pressure floor pump. This is the one we’re really excited about because by simply flipping the gauge around, you swap between high volume and high pressure chambers in the pump. Switch to the high volume side and that gauge maxes out at 40psi, making it perfect for gravel, cyclocross and mountain bikes.

Flip to the high pressure side and it goes to 160psi for road bikes. The actual pumping mechanism changes, too, making it easier to pump for the high pressure side so you can actually get it up to 160 if you want.

giyo high pressure tire gauges for road and track bikes

They also make high pressure analog gauges. The standard model goes to 160psi, but you can special order one for up to 260psi.

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Patrick Cavender
Patrick Cavender
4 years ago

The pump I carry in my backpack has one of those inline pressure guages, I jokingly/not jokingly tell people that use it, the guage is accurate to plus or minus 10psi… perfect for those 20 psi mountain bike tires…

Hopefully the ones shown above are better.

4 years ago

Giyo makes good affordable pumps. Nice to see they’ve innovated on CO2 inflators as well with the inline gauge.

I have their GP-61S mini pump on each of my bikes, and their GF-41 track pump at home. Despite the cheap plasticky construction, all of them have served me well over the last 5 years. The only real downside is that switching from Presta to Schrader valves requires partial disassembly of the valve chuck and swapping parts around, but now they’ve addressed that too!

4 years ago

The inline gauges on my Giyo GP-61S mini pumps are pretty accurate for road bike tire purposes, comparing quite closely to readings off an SKS Airchecker. Seeing these gauges make their way into more stuff is only a good thing IMO

Ellen Sheng
Ellen Sheng
2 years ago

is it electronic pressure gauge? i need mechnicla ones.