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Gloves RoundUp: Fresh cycling gloves from Ergon, Bionic, HandUp & Lizard Skins

2021 spring cycling gloves mtb road short finger options kids gloves
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Rounding up the latest cycling gloves to hit the market, we take a look at both long and short fingered options for small and large hands from Ergon, HandUp, Bionic and Lizard Skins, covering road cycling, mountain biking and everything in between.

Ergon HM2 MTB and HE2 Enduro Gloves

ergon hm2 mtb gloves

Created to pair with their multi-ward winning mountain bike grips is a new range of Ergon MTB Gloves; the HM2 for general off-road use and the HE2 EVO for downhill and enduro riding. The former, designed for precision handling, get a lightweight design with silicone strips on the thumb and index finger for grip when shifting and braking.

ergon hm2 mtb gloves

They feature flat seams to prevent chafing, under-wrist velcro closure, and the material at the back pf the hand is ventilated to allow moisture an escape route. Anatomical pre-formed fingers and palms are said to prevent material bunching and wrinkling. There’s also a soft material along the thumb for wiping sweat away from your face. Pick up a pair in sizes XS-XXL for $39.95 (+VAT).

ergon he2 evo enduro mtb gloves

Like the HM2, the more expensive Ergon HE2 EVO Gloves for enduro and downhill mountain biking are also deigned for the precision handling, but they feature an elastic mesh on the backhand which is more durable and abrasion resistant. They also have built-in protection for knuckles with a reinforced padded area. Pick up a pair in sizes XS-XXL for $49.95 (+VAT).

ergon he2 enduro dh mtb gloves


New HandUp Cycling Gloves for Kids and Adults

handup kids gloves stoked shredder
The HandUp Kids MTB gloves feature silicone printed graphics on the palm and fingers for extra grip on muddy handlebars

HandUp have added kids mountain biking gloves with some super fun designs for your stoked little shredders. These are made from a 4-Way stretch fabric with a light mesh on the back of the hand. They get a thin but durable clarino palm and an under wrist velcro strap for a secure fit. There’s also towel-like sweat cloth on the thumb to wipe away the boogies and sweat. Pick the Poncho II and Wild Tie gloves in youth sizes XS-L for $24.99 a pop. You can get these colorways in adult sizing too (along with 10 other designs) for $29.

If you’re after something a bit more unique, it’s worth taking a look at the limited edition Strong Life HandUp Gloves, designed by artist and Hopi tribe member, Duane Koyawena. From the artist himself:

handup strong life limited edition gloves
The HandUp Strong Life Gloves are selling fast, now only available in sizes XXS-M for $29 – proceeds go to the Hopi Education Endowment Fund

“The images depicted in this design represent important values held by Hopi people. The band across the center features Hopi pottery designs, the colors selected are representative of traditional pigments, and the dashes and waves are symbolic of moisture and rain for the lands. The centered parallel white lines (II) denote strength, and the sun design represents the reverence we have for Tawa, the sun. These elements all together symbolize a commitment to our traditions and our dedication to hard work for a good life”.

“This design was inspired by the challenge and joy I get from mountain biking. It has been a good way for me to get out and spend time with my daughter and friends. This design for me brings together my ideas of wellness, health, and my appreciation of the land”.

As of Spring 2021, all HandUp Gloves are touch-screen compatible.

2021 handup short finger gloves

Finally, we get to the HandUp short finger cycling gloves, purpose built for riding all day on road or gravel. These are packed with some neat features; stretch-cuff, nylon-reinforced upper, clarino leather palm, pull tabs underneath the fingers, laser-cut ventilation holes, stress-relief gussets on the outboard edge, silicone printed graphics and a towel-like sweat cloth on the thumb. Pick them up for $24.

handup short fimger gloves clarino leather palm


Bionic Half-Finger Gloves

While some riders believe an ultra-thin palm is the best approach for reducing arm pump, Bionic, a division of Hillerich & Bradsby Co are of the opinion that padded cycling gloves offer the best comfort. As such, their half finger cycling gloves feature a patented “Dream” padding arrangement designed to relieve pressure at the outboard edge of the palm, reducing pressure on the ulnar nerve.

bionic half finger glovesThe padding is said to result in a relaxed grip with some shock absorption helping to reduce the vibrations transferred to the rider. They also get some reflective strips on the back of the hand to help you be seen by other road users. Bionic Cycling Gloves are sold for $44.99.


Lizard Skins Long and Short Finger Gloves

lizard skins monitor cycling gloves long finger

Lizard Skins, better known for their handlebar tape, have released six new cycling gloves; three long finger options and three short finger options. The Monitor line are their long finger cycling gloves. The Ignite model ($27.99) is the lightweight option designed for unrestricted flexibility. These have a one-piece single-layer thin palm.

The Monitor Traverse ($29.99) has a three-panel palm with added gel pads. The OPS model ($27.99) is the most durable of the three featuring added protection at the knuckles. This one has a one piece suede palm.

lizard skins aramus short finger gloves

The Lizard Skins Aramus line of short finger road cycling gloves feature an over wrist velcro strap, inter-finger pulls to make taking them off easier, and microfibre nose wipes. The $22.99 Apex model gets a suede three-panel palm with padding to dampen vibrations. The $31.99 Cadence model features gel padding to enhance that damping effect. The top-of-the-line Classic glove retails at $39.99 and gets gel padding with a perforated leather back panel and leather palm.


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