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GoPro adds Enduro batteries, firmware updates to extend run times

gopro enduro battery is a longer laster action camera battery
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With faster frame rates and a more powerful battery, the latest GoPro HERO10 was asking more of its battery. Now, they’re adding a new Enduro battery that gives both the HERO9 and HERO10 longer run times, with cold-weather performance seeing a big improvement, too.

Recording times are also growing, with a HERO10 firmware update coming at the end of the month that will allow for longer clips to be recorded. And, the update will even eke out a bit more battery performance from the standard battery. The update goes live by the end of October, available through the Quick app.

New GoPro Enduro battery

gopro enduro battery

The Enduro battery will be sold separately for $24.99 each, up from $19.99 for the original battery. Remember, the batteries for the HERO9 and HERO10 are larger than those for prior models, so it’ll only work on the latest two action cameras. They say it features “revolutionary technology that dramatically improves HERO10 and HERO9 Black camera performance in cold temperatures (snow sports, for example) while also significantly extending recording times in moderate temperatures”.

At 14ºF / -10ºC (that’s battery temperature, outside temps might be colder), GoPro says the Enduro battery can provide an average of 56 minutes of 5.3K60 video, 50 minutes of 4K120 video, 76 minutes of 4K60 video, and 115 minutes of 1080p30 video recording.

It gets even better when it’s warmer. At 77ºF / 25ºC, the Enduro battery allows an average of 60 minutes of 5.3K60 video (a 28% improvement over the standard battery), a total of 51 minutes of 4K120 video (a 40% improvement over the standard battery), a total of 71 minutes of 4K60 video (a 13% improvement over the standard battery) and a total of 120 minutes of 1080p30 video recording per charge.

On top of all that, it recharges about 13% faster than before, too. GoPro+ subscribers get 20% off.

Firmware update adds new video modes

The upcoming HERO10 update adds three “Video Performance Modes” that let you control quality based on how you’re using the camera:

  • Maximum Video Performance – Maximum resolution and frame rates for the very best image quality and ultra-slow-motion video.
  • Extended Battery – Optimal resolutions and frame rates for the longest possible video recording times and maximum battery life.
  • Tripod / Stationary Video — Optimized for recording long clips at high res, high frame rates when the camera is stationary and lacking airflow to cool it.

This update seems focused on improving the Tripod / Stationary Video mode recording times, which turns off GPS and HyperSmooth stabilization. At room temp, they say you can get the following:

  • 5.3K60 – 29-minute-long clips (47% more runtime)
  • 5.3K30 – 44-minute-long clips (11% more runtime)
  • 4K120 – 26-minute-long clips (52% more runtime)
  • 4K60 – 63-minute-long clips (154% more runtime)
  • 4K30 – 50-minute-long clips (35% more runtime)

A future firmware update will enable even longer clip lengths in 5.3K30 and 4K30, with 2.7K and 1080p gaining the longest recording times of all in Extended Battery or Maximum Video Performance modes.


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