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GoPro Labs add stop-start Motion Triggers, USB Triggers and One-Button Mode

GoPro hero9 black action camera front view with new full color live view screen
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The GoPro Labs special Firmware Program has, until now, only been available to GoPro Hero8 Black users. Added to the sandbox are their other action cameras; the Hero7 Black, Hero9 Black and the GoPro Max, giving more users access to the experimental features on offer.

accessories bundle included with GoPro hero9 black action camera
The flagship GoPro Hero9 Black can now access the experimental features of the GoPro Labs sandbox

The most recent update includes a host of new features that will make the GoPro more user-friendly for cyclists and dash-cam users alike… here’s a quick summary.

GoPro Labs Experimental Features

GoPro Hero7 Black next-gen helmet cam action camera in-camera HyperSmooth image stabilization

No fewer than seven new experimental features have been added to GoPro Labs, their firmware program intended for its most experienced users. As a mountain biker, two of these stood out as extremely useful features I intend to start making use of immediately; Camera Motion Triggers and One-Button Mode.

Camera Motion Triggers

GoPro hero9 million dollar challenge video cover image for 2020
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This one is fairly self explanatory. Stop-Start recording can now be triggered by the camera’s in-built accelerometer. When it detects movement, it will start recording. When that movement stops, recording stops too.

This is useful for three reasons:

  1. You don’t have to constantly ask your friend “Is it recording?”
  2. It should save on battery life
  3. It’s hands-free; you don’t have to find the button every time you want to start or stop recording

Single-Setting/One-Button Mode

mountain bike rider drifts salsa cassidy enduro bike loose hard pack surface with mountainscape in background

This feature will be dead useful when you’re doing a filming session with your pals getting content for the ‘gram. One-Button mode is essentially a single-setting mode whereby your pre-set exposure, frame rate and other settings are locked in.

This means, when you hand your GoPro to a friend to film you shralping that tasty corner, they won’t be able to accidentally alter your finely-tuned settings or switch to photo or time-lapse mode. 

Other experimental features

gopro max

  • USB Power Triggers: Equips GoPro to start/stop capture when USB power is detected, enabling USB-triggered functions like serving as a dash cam.
  • Motion Detection Enhancements: Motion detection is now supported in all video modes, including 360° motion detection on the GoPro MAX, with improvements to the sensitivity range.
  • Simplified Live Streaming QR Code: Program your GoPro to start live streaming within seconds of being connected to a designated Wi-Fi network.
  • New Exposure Modes: Set timed exposure lock and minimum shutter speed settings.
  • New QR Code Controls: QR code controls supported in 5K and HindSight capture for HERO9 Black.

How do I get the GoPro Labs features?

when does the gopro max start shipping

To get the new GoPro Labs firmware update on your GoPro Hero9 Black, Hero8 Black, Hero7 Black or GroPro Max, head to the GoPro Labs page for the download.


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