Keeping the names both fun and relevant, Granite Design showed off two new bits to help keep your bike bike rolling in the event it needs repair. The Rock ‘n’ Roll tool roll comes in a few colors and builds in a complete allen bit set with a ratcheting wrench. There’s also an extension bit to help you reach tight spots, which is a great addition many such kits lack.

Granite Design Rock n Roll tool wrap with ratchet allen wrench bit set

Available in Black and Camo, the toll roll has a grippy patch on the backside to keep it from slipping when strapped to your bike with one of their accessory straps. Those come in a wide variety of colors and also feature a grippy section and a velcro loop for securing an inner tube. The Rock ‘n’ Roll kit comes in at $32.99 with all parts and has an empty slot to store chain quick links (not included).

Granite Design Juicy Nipple valve stem cover with integrated valve core remover tool

The new Juicy Nipple valve stem caps have an integrated valve core removal, helping you get your tire sealant in there a bit quicker. They also come in colors and retail for $8.99 a pair. Or get them packaged with a set of 50mm tubeless valve stems for $28.99.

Funn Components

funn components UpDown 200mm and 225mm dropper seat posts

Sharing their booth was Funn Components, which has added stealth versions of their 125mm and 150mm UpDown dropper posts, as well as a 175mm travel post. What really stood out (up?) were prototypes of their extra long 200mm and 225mm dropper posts. Why so long? Because there are some really tall people out there with really big frames that still wanna get down. All posts use their automatically calibrating RCR cartridge to ensure smooth performance no matter how many times you cycle it, and will come with their multi-direction remote lever. Check both of those out in this post. and

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3 years ago

Or average height people with long legs who want to ride mediums but need large seat heights. Sign me up.

3 years ago

Best thing about longer dropper posts, I can have an XL frame made with a 18in seat tube made and go from slammed to pedalling height at the push of a lever. Pump heaven.

3 years ago

I can’t wait to ride two frame sizes too small so I can brag to all of my friends about my 225m dropper.

3 years ago

What about for people with short legs and arms who want the low setting to be that much lower?
This is finally getting to the point where I’d be interested. At current drops I’d just as soon leave the seat wherever it is.
-signed, The last holdout against the four hundred dollar seatpost revolution.