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H2O Overdrive Debuts New Sports Drink

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Innovative Health Solutionsâ„¢, LLC (IHS) today announced it is shipping H2O Overdriveâ„¢, one of the most comprehensive and nutritionally balanced high-performance sports hydration beverages for use before, during and after any physical activity. H2O Overdrive has partnered with Europa Sports Products (Europa), a leading health foods and products distributor, to deliver the beverage to health food stores and specialty retailers.

Based on years of research and development, H2O Overdrive is a precise ratio of carbohydrates, protein, essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other vital nutrients formulated to drive hydration at the cellular level. It is a sports energy drink that supports
– Glycogen resynthesis
– Energy production
– Muscle function and stamina, as well as
– Protein synthesis for muscle recovery

At a time when weight gain, obesity and diabetes are each at record highs and consumers are looking for healthier alternatives to high-sugar beverages, IHS feels H2O Overdrive delivers a viable alternative. Its unique formula contains only three grams of sugar- less than 1/10 the sugar found in most well-recognized drinks sold in the sports hydration category.

Europa is distributing H2O Overdrive out of each of its six distribution centers in Charlotte, N.C., Mesquite, Texas, Strongsville, Ohio, Fresno, Calif., Orlando, Fla. and Windsor, Conn. Europa supplies more than 14,000 gyms, health food stores, specialty retailers across the United States including U.S. military post exchanges. H2O Overdrive will be featured at Europa’s booth at the Natural Products Expo West, March 6-8 at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, Calif.

H2O Overdrive is packaged in 20 oz. single serving, re-sealable bottles with a suggested retail price of $3.29 per bottle and is currently available in the following flavors:
– Lychee-Lemon Rush
– Tangy Tangerine Freeze
– Jostaberry

“I have been developing nutritional products for some of the best known and well-respected companies in the industry for more than 20 years,” says Terry Giles, IHS co-founder and the developer of H2O Overdrive. “This makes me confident and proud to say that the future of hydration is here with H2O Overdrive. The formulation is a precise balance of protein, carbs, a balanced spectrum of electrolytes combined with specific amino acids and essential vitamins, minerals and other vital nutrients each with a specific purpose to target a specific physiological response.

“The end result is a beverage that truly hydrates your body at the cellular level, promotes recovery and stamina and actually quenches your thirst. As a competitive martial artist, powerlifter, armwrestler, bodybuilder, professional race car driver and certified nutrition specialist, I know that athletes in every sport need a product with the right combination of protein and carbs, as well as other essential nutrients and electrolytes to maximize their physical and mental performance. We’re excited for consumers to use this beverage and let the oral hydration science behind it help them achieve their athletic goals and leave their competition in the dust.”

Eric Schlopy, U.S. alpine skier and Giant Slalom champion, is one of several dozen Athlete Ambassadors for H2O Overdrive. According to Schlopy, the beverage helps him maximize his workouts without overloading on sugar.

“In 18 years as a professional athlete I’ve never come across a more complete, effective and dynamic sports hydration drink,” Schlopy said. “I used to have to cut and paste protein bars, sports drinks and various supplements to get even close to the same benefits I get from H2O Overdrive. And the best part, it tastes fantastic and smooth going down.”

H2O Overdrive Science and Ingredients
H2O Overdrive contains a three-to-one ratio of specific carbohydrates to a high-quality protein substrate, formulated with a balanced electrolyte matrix, specific amino acids, essential vitamins and minerals as well as a few other key nutritional ingredients promotes hydration/rehydration at the cellular level. This allow H2O Overdrive to stimulate nutrient uptake within the cell, promoting and supporting energy, muscle function, stamina and recovery by triggering specific physiological responses.

Recent studies have shown that protein-carbohydrate electrolyte sports beverages improve performance better than carbohydrate-electrolyte sports beverages or water alone. Additionally, the caffeine equivalent to “one cup of coffee” in H2O Overdrive helps active bodies use stored energy before muscle protein to prolong endurance. It also enhances blood vessel widening (dilation) for increased nutrient transport and increased cognitive response; or in other words, it helps enhance protein absorption and increases brain function.

About H2O Overdrive
H2O Overdrive is a high-performance sports beverage that hydrates and energizes athletes at the cellular level with a precise protein-to-carbohydrate ratio and a unique blend of essential minerals, electrolytes, amino acids and vitamins. Its formula helps athletes’ bodies and minds prepare for (and recover from) strenuous workouts, improving overall muscle and athletic performance.

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