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Hayes adds XC Collection w/ Manitou R7 Pro fork, Mara shock, SUNRingle Duroc 30 Pro wheels, more

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After starting with the Enduro Collection, Hayes is introducing their next family of components – for XC. Combining the newest parts from most of the brands under the Hayes umbrella, the XC Collection is meant to bridge the gap between dedicated XC racers, and those who want to build up something a bit more aggressive.

Manitou R7 Pro & Expert Suspension Forks

Manitou R7 pro suspension fork xc MTB

Off the front, the Manitou R7 Pro gives new life to the old name. When the R7 was last popular, so were 26″ wheels. Now, the R7 will only be offered in 27.5 and 29″ models and in 80-120mm travel that is adjustable internally. Leaning on their Reverse Arch technology, Manitou claims that they were able to stick with a 32mm chassis that is 13% stiffer than a comparable fork with a forward facing arch.

Manitou R7 pro features

VTT Pro Damper

Inside the fork, you’ll find their VTT Pro Damper (Variable Terrain Tune) which has a three position compression adjustment with open mode adjust. Manitou states that, “when developing the VTT Pro damper we set out with a goal to maintain a rock-solid lockout without compromising the open and mid settings. The downside to many dampers with firm lockout modes is that in any other position than lock-out you will reach some critical shaft velocity that choke off the low-speed flow path. When this happens the damper peaks at nearly the same lock-out force as the locked-out position. This translates to harsh force in the hands and possibly lack of control.

The all new VTT damper solves this issue by eliminating the high-speed spikes while maintaining the lock-out force demanded by most XC users. This allows the fork to have a less progressive high-speed response while maintaining some low-speed support without getting wollowy. This is achieved thru independent shimstacks (one for lockout and one for the other two positions). By controlling the shim stack through which the oil flow is diverted we can manipulate the characteristic of the damper to be locked out, digressive, or progressive to meet the demands of the rider and terrain.”

Damper Settings:

  • Position 1 – Open – (Progressive) The lowest damping force available to provide comfort while staying progressive enough to keep the fork under control. This is ideal for casual trail riding where comfort takes preference over speed. In this position you can fine tune the feel of the fork by adding additional low-speed support through turning the open mode adjust.
  • Position 2 – Mid – (Digressive) Provides additional low-speed support for flow trails or gravity style riding where you want the fork to ride higher because the rider is biasing more weight forward.
  • Position 3 – Lock Out – This setting provides the most platform for maximum pedaling efficiency.

Dorado Air Spring

You might be familiar with Manitou’s Dorado air spring system, but now it’s coming to shorter travel forks as well. The system includes a balancing valve to equalize positive and negative air chambers when airing up the fork, which claims to provide a more consistent feel throughout the fork’s stroke. Along with Dorado, you’ll find their IVA or Incremental Volume Adjust system which allows you to adjust the air volume in the positive air chamber with five different internal settings. This prevents the need for any additional parts.

Pro Details:

  • MSRP: $849.99 USD
  • Weight: 1648g (29” at 120mm)
  • Travel: 80-120mm
  • Offset: 37/44mm for 27.5”, 44/51mm for 29”
  • Spring: Dorado Air with IVA
  • Crown Material: Forged aluminum, deep hollow bore
  • Leg Material: 7000 series Aluminum\
  • Damping: VTT Pro
  • Adjustments: 3-position Compression with Open Mode Adjust, Rebound, Air Pressure, IVA volume adjust
  • Leg Diameter: 32mm
  • Wheel Size: 27.5”, 29”
  • Brake: Post Mount 160mm
  • Axle: 15mm Hexlock2
  • Fender: Integrated fender mount.

Manitou R7 Expert fork

Manitou will also be offering an R7 Expert model which drops the price by moving from Dorado Air to the Expert Air Spring and dropping from the VTT Pro to VTT damper which loses the ability to adjust the open position setting. Also, the Deep Hollow Bore crown and 7000 series aluminum legs on the Pro make it 164g lighter than the Expert with a Hollow Bore crown and 6000 series aluminum legs.

Expert Details:

  • MSRP: $699.99
  • Weight: 1812g (29” at 120mm)
  • Travel: 80-120mm
  • Spring: Expert Air
  • Crown Material: Forged aluminum, hollow bore
  • Leg Material: 6000 series Aluminum\
  • Damping: VTT
  • Adjustments: 3-position Compression, Rebound, Air Pressure
  • Leg Diameter: 32mm
  • Wheel Size: 27.5”, 29”
  • Brake: Post Mount 160mm
  • Axle: 15mm Hexlock
  • Fender: Integrated fender mount

Manitou Mara Rear Shock

Manitou Mara rear shock

Need a rear shock to go with that fork? The new Mara is a lighter, XC oriented version of the burly Mara Pro.

Manitou Mara SKS IFP

Built using the same proprietary SKF Internal Floating Piston as the Mara Pro to keep things buttery, the flexible center section is said to move first before the outer lip starts to move which increases the initial sensitivity.

Manitou Mara damping circuit
This cutaway shows the internals of the Mara’s damper. The red arrows show the oil’s flow path through the compression stack. The blue arrows follow the rebound flow.

When it comes to the damper circuitry, Manitou explains, “The four position Incremental Platform Adjust (IPA) damper offers a wide range of compression adjustment from an open mode ready to smash through rock gardens to a firm platform setting that offers the support you need while battling those leg burning climbs. It does this by utilizing two separate shim stacks to maintain an ideal balance of low-speed and high-speed compression damping throughout the adjustment range. The first of these is the preload stack which is controlled by the IPA knob.  As you turn the knob clockwise you begin to increase the preload on the shims directly without the use of springs or carriers. The lack of springs and carriers minimizes moving mass and maximizes the speed at which the shims are able to respond to trail inputs keeping your rear wheel cool, calm, and collected no matter how choppy the trail is. The second shim stack is a fixed velocity stack that was carefully designed to increase small bump sensitivity and provide the correct amount of high-speed compression to control the wheel with the lowest amount of harshness. This provides the rider with more chassis control, better small bump sensitivity with excellent bottoming control, less deflection through the rock gardens and phenomenal ride quality in all conditions.”

Mara Details

  • MSRP: $424.99
  • Weight: 275g
  • External Adjustments: Compression Platform, Rebound, Air Pressure
  • Mount Styles: Trunnion and Eyelet

SUNRingle Düroc 30 Pro Wheels

Sunringle DUROC 30 pro wheels

With the Enduro Collection, we also saw the rebirth of the Super Bubba hub. The XC collection adds a set of Düroc 30 Pro which this time get the Super Bubba X hubs.

Sunringle DUROC 30 pro super bubba X hub

You’ll still find the drop-in ratchet rings that claim to increase durability over threads. Only this time, instead of two offset 45 tooth rings that allow you to run their Clock’D engagement, the Super Bubba X only has a single 90 tooth ring. This still provides 4° engagement with a six pawl freehub body, but chopped 55g off the total weight to get it down to 285g for the rear hub.

Sunringle DUROC 30 pro micro spline freehubShimano fans will be happy to see that the freehubs will be available in Micro Spline as well as HG, and XD.

Sunringle DUROC 30 pro rim

Built with aluminum rims, straight pull Wheelsmith DB14 spokes and alloy nipples, the Duroc 30 Pro wheels check in at 1690g for a 29″ set. The rims have an outer width of 30mm and inner width of 26mm, and are fully tubeless ready and include everything you need to run tubeless in the box.

SUNRingle Duroc 30 Details

  • MSRP Wheelset: $899.98
  • Wheel Size: 29”
  • Outer Rim Width: 30mm
  • Inner Rim Width: 26mm
  • Spokes: 28/28 Wheelsmith DB14 Straight Pull
  • Nipples: Alloy Nipples
  • Spacing: 110×15 / 148×12
  • Disc Mount: 6-Bolt
  • Front Wheel Weight: 806g
  • Rear Wheel Weight: 954g
  • FreeHub Options: HG, XD, and Micro Spline (Each wheel available separately)


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ProTaper Hyperlite Bar, ATAC Stem & Forty Seatpost

Protaper Hyperlite bar

To finish off your build, you’ll need a cockpit. ProTaper is stepping up with their Hyperlite bar, the ATAC stem makes a return (again), and the Forty seatpost is there if you’re anti-dropper.

With a name like Hyperlite, you’d expect this bar to be light. And at 125g for a 760mm bar, it is. Offered in Team Yellow or Stealth color ways, the carbon bar sells for $174.99.

Hyperlite Bar Details

  • MSRP: $174.99
  • Weight: 125g
  • Width: 760mm
  • Clamp Diameter: 31.8mm
  • Sweep: 9°
  • Color: Yellow or Stealth

Protaper ATAC Stem

Perfectly matched to that bar is the new ATAC stem. This time, it includes titanium hardware and a 31.8mm clamp in lengths from 50-100mm.

ProTaper Forty seatpost

No dropper? I know, it’s hard to believe. But some still prefer the low weight and simplicity of a fully rigid carbon post. If that’s the case, check out the Forty. Named for the 40cm length, the post comes in 30.9 and 31.6mm diameters and has a twin bolt clamp with Ti hardware and zero offset.

Forty Post Details

  • MSRP: $249.99
  • Diameter: 30.9mm or 31.6mm
  • Offset: 0mm
  • Length: 400mm
  • Weight: 212g
  • Hardware: Titanium

What about brakes? Hayes has you covered there as well with their dual piston Dominion A2 brakes which were first seen at Sea Otter last year. These were first shown with their JUnit kids’ group since they included the SFL or Short Finger Lever option for smaller hands. But with the standard brake lever, they’re a perfect option for an XC or Trail build.


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J'Anky Teal
J'Anky Teal
3 years ago

I’m going to show my age here, but *man* those fork graphics look amazing.
I haver to think that it’s time for Hayes to bring all of their stuff under one name and graphic identity, it’s a confusing mess right now and while some stuff looks great, some (I’m looking at you ProTaper) looks cheap and would be out of place on any bike. Call it Answer or Hayes or Manitou. Just find something and stick with it.

3 years ago

I wonder if new internals will be compatible with Marvel/Minute/Machete of if it’s even worth it. The “mode 1” looks like the good old ISO adjustment, and you could already tune the shim stack. Is the new spring that much better?

3 years ago

Do the A2s get the same noise canceling tech as the A4s?

Nick Meulemans
Nick Meulemans
3 years ago
Reply to  GreenPleas

Yes, it’s simply a two-piston version of the A4 (four piston). Same tech, two less pistons, less weight. More to love!

3 years ago

That ATAC stem looks a lot like the Sunline XC stem.

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