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Healthier recovery bars, drinks & more by B-Line, Bonk Breaker, Stryve & Fluid

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B-Line Naturals lineup is impressive for its use of real food ingredients, and now they’ve expanded their offerings from the original “anytime” energy food. Two new lines offer “during” and “after” for on-the-bike energy and electrolytes, followed by protein for recovery.

B-Line Natural real food energy supplement and recovery gel for cyclists runners and crossfit endurance athletes

The Racing Fuel comes in three flavors (Banana + Strawberry, Beet + Mango, and Dark Chocolate + Espresso), and using the first one as an example, the ingredients are simple and recognizable: Maple syrup, banana powder, strawberry powder and sea salt. If you’re looking to clean up your diet without giving up the in-ride fuel, check these out. The best part? They’re only $2 each, on par with regular gels, and they have a resealable cap (though, at only ~100 calories per, you’ll probably just down the whole thing…but at least it won’t leave a sticky mess when you put the empty pouch back in your jersey pocket!).

For après ride, the Re-Fuel uses maple syrup, honey, whey protein powder, apple powder and cinnamon to provide 44g carbs and 10g protein. Retail is about $3.50 each. Check them out, and get a sample pack with one of everything, at BLineNaturalEnergy.com.

Bonk Breaker

Bonk Breaker Protein Bar uses grass fed whey protein and collagen to help build muscles and ligaments skin and hair too

Bonk Breaker Cookies ‘n’ Cream protein bar gets its muscle building aminos from Collagen and Grass Fed Whey, two of the best sources for building not just lean tissue, but also the connecting tissues (and your skin, hair, nails, etc.) that you need to perform at your peak. This new flavor joins the Peanut Butter & Dark Chocolate and Double Fudge Brownie flavors they announced earlier this year. They’re gluten free, only have 8g of sugar, and are Paleo friendly. Check out the full details at BonkBreaker.com. About $3 each, 15g protein per bar.

Fluid Sports Nutrition

vegan pea protein isolate recovery drink mix from Fluid Sports Nutrition

Back in the day, Fluid actually started out as a recovery drink brand. Then they added a hydration product. Now, they’ve added a new recovery drink mix that’s one of the few vegan-friendly options on the market…and the first we’ve seen with turmeric and ginger. Those power anti-inflammatory ingredients are combined with 22g of non-GMO pea protein, cinnamon, vanilla, black pepper extract (boosts turmeric’s power), and stevia and monk fruit to sweeten it. That last part means there’s no added sugar and only 6g of carbs, making it a leaner way to still get the protein you need. Perfect for cutting down to race weight! Get it at LiveFluid.com.

Stryve Biltong

Stryve Biltong dried beef snack is healthier high protein alternative to beef jerky with low sugar and fat

Some days boxes of treats just show up around Bikerumor’s office (did I mention how much I love my job?), and one such box contained pouches of Stryve. It’s not jerky, it’s “biltong”, and the difference is that it’s dried as a whole steak first, then sliced, where as beef jerky is sliced then dried. Well, that and it’s air dried for 14 days as opposed to a quicker oven drying. Stryve further differentiates by using only natural ingredients to flavor the meat, with no chemical preservatives, nitrates or nitrites. The particular cuts of meat they use are very lean, there’s virtually no sugar or fat, and they’re very tender. Which means much quicker and easier to eat than some jerky, which means these actually work as an on-the-bike snack that’ll keep you fuller than the typical sugar-packed energy bar. Or just a convenient anytime protein snack.

They’re available in 2.25oz snack bags for $7.99, which means you’re better off buying the 12oz bag for $19.99 and dividing it up in baggies. Five flavors, all delicious, and they have trail mix version and other stuff, too. See it all at StryveBiltong.com.

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