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Hexoskin Arctic Smart Shirt Leaves your Old HRM in the Cold

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When a heart rate monitor just won’t cut it, there is a new crop of “smart shirts.” More than simply a heart rate monitor, Hexoskin’s Smart Shirts use built in sensor technology to monitor Heart Rate Variability (HRV), breathing rate, minute ventilation, Heart Rate Recovery, Cadence, even an estimated Vo2 max and more.

Originally available in tank top form only, the new Hexoskin Arctic is much better suited to cold weather pursuits. Claimed to be used by NASA, CSA, and CNES for training purposes, Hexoskin reported collects 42,000 data points per minute. Does this signal a big change in training for the cycling industry? Details next…

Hexoskin-Website-ProductIMG-FrontAngleRight-Yukon-650x1200_grande Hexoskin-Website-ProductIMG-Back-Yukon-650x1200_grande

Produced in Canada using an “Italian fabric that offers comfort similar to Merino wool,” the Arctic Smart Shirt offers all the benefits of a traditional baselayer that just happens have a built in computer. Thanks to some help from NASA and the Canadian Space Agency, Hexoskin was able to design a sensor that was made from textile fabric. That makes for a comfortable baselayer with a stretchable sensor band which measures your heart in 3 different locations – key for the ECG and other advanced metrics.

Hexoskin-Website-ProductIMG-Detail-PocketFront-Yukon-650x1200_grande Hexoskin-Website-Device-650x1200_36fed608-a607-495f-9a2a-53a38d1f17bb

The only downside is that it requires a Hexoskin Bluetooth device that resides in a small pocket on the side of the shirt. The electronic brain plugs into the garment and then relays the data to your mobile device running the Hexoskin App. However, thanks to the open data API the raw data can be used by a number of programs including your own analytic software. Containing enough juice for 14+ hours of training, the device is able to store up to 150+ hours of recorded data without a smart phone.

Hexoskin-Website-ProductIMG-Sensors-Respiration-650x1200_grande Hexoskin-Website-ProductIMG-Sensors-Cardiac-650x1200_grande

In order to track the different data sets, sensors are broken up into three groups. Breathing is measured using dual-channel analog sensors that wrap around the chest and stomach, heart rate is measured through analog sensors in 3 locations on the front of the shirt, and body motion is measured by the Hexoskin device.

Not only is the Hexoskin technology great for tracking your training, it should also be a great tool for measuring your recovery as well as sleep patterns. All of that tech does come with a price though – the Arctic Smart Shirt alone will set you back $199. Add in the required Hexoskin device at $230, and you’re talking $429 for the whole package.


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No bikes for you.

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Price: If you have to ask…

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