Whether they’re the friend or spouse that keeps your bike running smoothly, or the local bike shop wrench or team mechanic, these are the tools that make our lives easier. You’ll also find many of these in the pro pits and World Cup team tents, too!

If you’re looking for the perfect gift ideas for people who love working on bikes, here are our top picks…

Best Home Mechanic Gifts for Under $25

best holiday gift ideas for a bicycle mechanic under 25 dollars

The Muc-Off Scrubber Glove ($13 from Backcountry) is the next best thing to having brushes for hands. These gloves have small micro bristles and lather up with your favorite cleaning solution to provide a fantastic bike washing experience. Great for gear as well!

If you’re looking for a sharp, precision screwdriver that fits like a key, the Hozan JIS Screwdriver Set ($29 from Amazon) is a must-have. Great for derailleur adjustments, linear-pull brakes, and opening the battery portal on those holiday kids’ toys. You really haven’t experienced a good screwdriver until you’ve used a JIS screwdriver.

The most bang for the buck in the multitool world is the Crank Bros M10 ($20 from REI). Ten tools in a folding package that fits in any saddlebag or ride wallet. The Crank Bros M10 is perfect for the new cyclist, and it has all the fittings to adjust a road or mountain bike, plus it’s only 150g!

A Telescoping Magnetic Wand ($7 from Amazon) is a tool everyone should have in their toolbox, no matter what. If your favorite cyclist doesn’t, set them straight right now. From finding those tiny screws we all drop to, well, all kinds of stuff. Just get them one. And get yourself one, too.

(Almost) every cyclist loves a good beer while we’re working on our bikes. Heck, sometimes working on our bikes is an excuse to crack open a cold one. We love 10 Barrel Brewing, and the wide variety of year-round and seasonal means you’ll be able to find a 6-pack to suit anyone’s tastes.

Best Home Mechanic Gifts for Under $50

best holiday gift ideas for a bicycle mechanic under 50 dollars

Knowledge is power, and being able to fix your bike is a fantastic feeling. The team at Park Tool is now on the fourth iteration of their BBB (Big Blue Book of Bike Repair) ($29 from Amazon), and it has everything one needs  -the content is highly current and includes the newest electronic and ebike technology alongside all the classic parts and standards. The Park Tool BBB-4 is great if you’ve been fixing bikes for years or weeks.

If you want to keep your bike working safely and efficiently, a torque wrench will save you from a cracked handlebar or loose seatpost. The CDI 4-8Nm Torque wrench ($49 from Amazon) is easy to use, comes from the highly regarded CDI tool line, and is super easy to pack in a gear bag or mobile tool kit. The 4-8Nm is easily adjustable and should cover stem, seat post, and seat binder torque needs. We highly recommend it for the new carbon bike owner!

If you like to transport your bike sans wheels or clean your chain without the wheel and cassette in your way (like the pros do), you need the Feedback Sports Chain Keeper ($49 from REI). This simple tool works with quick-release and thru-axle frames, holding the chain so you can wash, transport, or store it easily. The pedaling-friendly design allows the user to pedal the chain freely while cleaning, without any gross grease build-up on the tool itself.

The Feedback Sports Flop Stop Handlebar Holder ($27 from Walmart) is literally one of the most game-changing things you can add to anyone’s repair kit. So much better than the bendy things that go over the handlebars, this one is guaranteed to reduce stress and cursing better than almost any other tool they have. Except maybe a beer.

Best Home Mechanic Gifts for Under $100

best holiday gift ideas for a bicycle mechanic under 100 dollars

What’s cooler than getting your suspension absolutely dialed? Nothing! The Fox Digital Shock Pump ($80 from Amazon) is right on the money for those looking for an exact value every time they set up to hit the trails. It’s great for the home mechanic and professional alike with a super easy to read backlit screen and a uber precise micro-adjust 2-3 PSI air-bleeder.

If you’re at weekly cyclocross races or just looking to get the mud off after a ride on the trails, the Mobi Portable Washer ($89 from Chain Reaction Cycles) is an excellent way to keep your car and gear clean. This portable washer isn’t a full-blown pressure washer; its max output is 130.5psi (compared to the Muc-Off pressure washer at 1450psi). That makes it perfect for washing the dog, bikes, kids, or shoes after a day in the woods. The Mobi plugs into your car’s accessory outlet, so you don’t need to worry about charging or batteries.

Is your derailleur hanger bent? That’s usually the first thing a tech will ask when you come to the shop explaining, “my bike isn’t shifting correctly.” The first process of derailleur adjustment is to check the hanger alignment, and a dependable tool for the job is the Park Tool DAG-2 Derailleur Alignment Tool ($79 from Amazon). It’s easy to use, usually in-stock, and, most shops will tell you, nearly indestructible—a must-have for those building a bicycle toolset for a home workshop.

Best Home Mechanic Gifts for Under $150

best holiday gift ideas for a bicycle mechanic under 150 dollars

If you like to bring your tools to the race or ride, one of our favorites is the Feedback Sports Ride Prep Tool Kit ($139 from REI). It comes in a waterproof folding pouch that’s easy to set up in the parking lot or hatch of your vehicle. The Feedback Sports Ride Prep comes with most of the necessary tools to fix a problem in a hurry, and these tools are heavy-duty, so they promise many years of service ahead.

Silca makes some of the most remarkable tools and bits for the bike. Their T Ratchet Torque Set ($120 from REI) is a compact multitool that has a torque tube attachment so you can make on-the-fly adjustments on your ride without the worry of over-torquing. The whole package comes in a super slick waterproof pouch that folds easily into a jersey or ride wallet.

The Bosch 12v screwdriver ($149 from BOSCH) is mainly for removing and installing 6-bolt rotors or a super-fast stem swap, but the adjustable torque makes it great anytime you have a lot of bolts to thread in or out…just set it light, then snug things up with a torque wrench to finish the job.

The Amazon Echo Show 8 ($149 from Amazon) is a nearly perfect workshop companion. Play music while you’re prepping, detailing, and tuning, then check the weather before you head out so you’re sure to have everything you need. But the best part is the screen. Pull up YouTube and find the exact repair video you need to watch, then pause and play hands-free while you follow along! And when you drink that last Hazy Trail IPA, just tell Alexa to add more to your grocery list!

Best Home Mechanic Gifts for Under $200

best holiday gift ideas for a bicycle mechanic under 200 dollars

If you’re looking for the gift of community, most local shops offer maintenance classes or Park Tool School during the winter months. These classes will teach you the ins and outs of bike repair in the comfort of your local shop. Perfect for the home wrench that has the tools and could use some hands-on instruction. Plus, this is a great way to keep involved in your local bike community and meet new riding buddies.

For the rider that loves a personal touch, nothing says professional like the Silca Custom HX One Essential Kit ($155 from Silca). This hex key kit is the same beautiful Silca HX One Essential Kit as before, now offered in a custom monogrammed wooden casing. This one-of-a-kind gift is sure to please any cyclist or wrench on your list.

If you really want to get the most out of the best, most expensive chain lubes, they must be super clean. The Kendal Ultra Sonic Cleaner ($189 from Amazon) is the easiest way to do this, and it has enough space for a chain, cogs, and disassembled derailleur pulleys. Set it and forget it, then come back to parts ready for lubrication.

Best Home Mechanic Gifts for Under $250

best holiday gift ideas for a bicycle mechanic under 250 dollars

If you have all the tools and need a place to put them, we suggest the Craftsman 2000 Series Rolling Tool Cart ($229 from LOWES). This cart has enough storage for all the small bits and big presses you’ve acquired as a home mechanic. The locking door keeps little hands away, and the open top is perfect for placing disassembled parts while you work.

If you often travel to races or events, you know how hard it is to keep everything organized and tidy. The Dewalt Tool cart ($219 from Amazon) gives you all the room you need for tools, chains, pads, lube, and everything you want at the ready in the pit. Plus, the Dewalt Tool cart stores super quickly in the garage, and won’t take up too much space.

The tubeless tire can be a bear if you don’t have the ride equipment to get them up and rolling (literally). The California Air Tools ultra-quiet air compressor ($249 from Amazon) is just enough power to seat those tough beads and top off your tires when you are on the run. It’s oil-free, easy to move, and super quiet, an excellent tool for the home mechanic.

Best Home Mechanic Gifts for $250+

best holiday gift ideas for a bicycle mechanic over 250 dollars

If you’re looking for a stand that will travel with you and doesn’t compromise on the sturdiness, the Feedback Sports Ultralight Repair Stand ($260 from REI) is a great option. This lightweight ultra-packable stand is at home on the race circuit and in the garage. The telescoping body allows for tons of adjustability, and the secure clamp helps keep the bike from swaying when you’re making critical adjustments.

If you like to wash your bike (who doesn’t?!), the Muc Off Pressure Washer ($309 from REI) is the next best thing to having a World Cup wash station at your house. It has just enough presser (1450psi) to blast off all the dirt and oil without damaging your finish or seals. The bicycle-specific wash tips help with chain, frame, and tire cleaning. The foaming feature is like nothing you’ll see outside of a car wash and is just what the doctor ordered for super muddy cyclocross bike clean up.

What’s the best way to kick back after a job well done? A beer!  The Home Kegorator by Square Keg ($259 from Square Keg) will deliver a crisp victory beer after a hard ride – or an emotional support beer after routing cables through a tricky aero frame. Either way, the Home Kegerator is a fun add-on for your home bike shop (as long as your local breweries will fill a growler, they should have no problem filling this).

The only home wrench option for those that require the best is the Abbey Bike Tool Team Issue Toolbox ($1350 from Abbey Bike Tools). This uber-professional level took kit comes with everything you need (case included) to wrench in style. The Abbey Bike Tools Team Issue Toolbox is one of the top tool kits on the market, and any home or professional mechanic would be ecstatic to unwrap this over the holidays.

Disclosure: We will only ever recommend products that we actually like, and every item in our Gift Guides has been tested or used by one or more of our team members.

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