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Hövding wants the man to give a *beep* by hearing web-connected bicycle bells

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Starting in London, Hövding, which is better known for their quickly inflating “airbag” helmet for cyclists, wants those in government to hear from cyclists anytime they come across a dangerous situation while riding through London. And now they can, thanks to Flic, a small bicycle bell-like device that sends an email to the Mayor every time it’s pressed. It works by connecting to your smartphone, which also relays your location, so the powers that be can see where hotspots are for issues. All of the data is sent anonymously, giving government an aggregate view of how cyclists are seeing the city and (hopefully) acting on it to make the city a safer place to ride. Video below…

The email that’s sent reads as follows:

As a cyclist I feel unsafe and frustrated in London traffic on a daily basis. London needs more high-quality, Dutch style infrastructure to make it safe and enjoyable for people of all ages and abilities to cycle. That’s what I give a beep about. As our new Mayor you should definitely give a beep too.

I urge you to act fast to deliver on your Sign for Cycling commitments made to the London Cycling Campaign before you were elected. You promised to deliver:

More safe space for cycling on main roads and at junctionsTrebling the total length of protected space for cycling on London’s streets as compared to the total length expected to be installed under the Vision for Cycling by, or soon after the current Mayor has left office.

‘Mini-Hollands’ – cycle-friendly town centres for every borough Initiating a programme to extend Mini-Holland style schemes to every London borough.

An end to lorry danger on London’s roads with smarter, safer lorriesUse the Safer Lorries Scheme – plus all mayoral powers in relation to procurement, planning and regulation – to move as quickly as possible to a situation where “direct vision” lorries are the norm on London’s streets.

For more information about the campaign please visit http://giveabeep.org/

Thank you for your time. *beep beep*

Check out the campaign at giveabeep.org.

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7 years ago

Sounds like a good way to make the mayor of London change his email address and not much more. I hope it works for them, though…

7 years ago
Reply to  Ryan

Or just set up a spam filter to block this form email. I’m going to guess all these will at least get sent right to a separate folder.

7 years ago

I think their being overrun with ME savages may demand more government attention than bicycle accommodations.

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