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How Ladies Bicycle to Work and Still Look Good

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Of, course, in this editor’s opinion, they would look good even if they kept their cycling clothes on.  London’s Sunday Times has a post about how three different women manage to ride to work, some up to 30 or 40 minutes each way, and still have a professional, feminine look when they get to the office.

What I’m marveling at, though, is the sub-headline: “How to transform yourself from action biker to sexy executive via a quick change in the loos.”

Aaahhh, not America.  Where the the media is free to praise being sexy in the workplace.  Have you ever seen a headline like that in a major U.S. newspaper?  And have you ever seen a handlebar rotated so far forward on a road bike?

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15 years ago

Despite the safety orange vest, the cyclist looks sexy in the ‘before’ photo too!

el dude
el dude
15 years ago

Almost any article you read in the media that has to do with women, mostly concerns them looking good, being sexy, acting intelligent or
any other odd combination of super hero like attributes that are all positive in tone. This occurs despite what their doing…. hence riding
a bicycle to work. It’s a, “I want my cake and eat it too” type mentality. The media always gears up women as SEXY
first before most other attributes. The push to make such positive spin toward women obviously doesn’t come from men constantly
blowing hot air up women’s skirts and trying to pump up their egos…… oh no, this is women editors in the media both print, web and otherwise
that have to constantly tell it to the world that women are SEXY, SMART, INDEPENDENT….. blah blah blah, while they file their nails and
do lumberjack work on the side.

I’m kinda over the whole women as goddesses thing.

15 years ago

Excuse me while I pick my jaw up off the floor…are you kidding me? Hmmm, I wonder if an article with such a title or concern would be printed or even written about males? Apparently, whoever took the photo is a non-cyclist…what the heck is up with the handlebar?

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