Build your own Tron Bike? This wild hubless fat bike build looks the part

Want a Light Cycle (otherwise known as a Tron bike) but can’t find one at any of your local shops? Today’s your lucky day.

The internet strikes again, this time in the form of a step-by-step tutorial video for engineering a DIY hubless fat bike. Visual learners can proceed directly to the video. For all the verbal learners out there, here’s a rough step-by-step.

How to build a Tron bike: teardown, re-engineer

Step 1: remove wheels from the bike, then remove tubes (if present) and tires.
Step 2: remove hub and spokes. You now have a bare rim and can perhaps begin to visualize your Tron bike…
Step 3: if you’re watching the video, skip from 1:15-2:15 to avoid an embedded ad for cybersecurity software.
Step 4: cut a ring that will fit on the outside of your rim from a sheet of solid stainless steel. (Note: specialty tools may be required to complete this step.)
Step 5: weld bearings into the ring. (Harvest from skateboard wheels if necessary.)
Step 6: attach threaded posts to the existing ring, then fabricate another ring (no bearings needed). Fit your rim between the two rings.
Step 7: Modify forks for the new hubless system (too complicated to explain; see video).
Step 8: Repeat steps 1-7, drop your wheels into your modified forks, and go ride!

Whether or not you get a light suit to wear while you’re riding it, your new Tron bike is certain to stun casual bystanders. In all likelihood, it will also cause your friends to shake their heads in puzzlement at the ways you choose to spend your time.

Your Tron bike promises to get you through fair weather, but what will you do when the streets ice over, and you still need a ridiculous retrofitted rig? Answer: the internet strikes again. Check out this guy’s saw blade ice bike build and go to town.

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Tony pepperoni
Tony pepperoni
1 year ago

Hmmm. Why though? no more gears, you’ll need 14 chains apparently, your tires/tubes will forever be difficult to replace, your wheel base doubles it looks like, and at the end of all of this; it’s still a fat bike…

1 year ago

I think he watched one too many Make It Extreme videos on YouTube…

1 year ago

We do things like this because we can. Not to impress you.