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IB13: FootBalance Offers Custom Fit For Less

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More and more cycling shoes are coming with heat moldable insoles, but what are you to do if you already have shoes but want a better fit? Custom fit insoles are nothing new, but they can get pretty expensive. FootBalance has been around for some time, but they continue to offer custom molded cycling insoles for an impressive $79. In addition to the full custom fit, they are also branching out into QuickFit insoles you heat in your own oven, and even custom fit sandals. Yes, sandals.

Check it out after the break!

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As for the Performance custom fit insoles, you’ll have to go to a FootBalance dealer (find the nearest on their site) that is equipped with one of their foot mapping and fit machines. Underneath the blue pads is an optical scanner that the fitter uses to map your feet to get the best fitting insole. Then the flat insoles are put into the floppy disk drive looking thing to the right which is actually more like a toaster. The insoles heat up and are then molded to your feet with the help of the blue pads and a trained fitter. The whole process takes about 10 minutes and you’re left with custom fit insoles for you shoes that are anti-microbial and anti-odorous as an added bonus.

The QuickFit insoles can be molded at home with the aid of your oven. After baking in the oven at 175°f, the indicator on the bottom of the insole will change color. Then simply put them in your shoes, lace them tight and walk around for 5 minutes. Done.

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We’ve all had that pair of flip flops that we slip on after a ride that after a few years perfectly molded to your feet – but what if you could get that fit immediately? That’s exactly what FootBalance’s new custom molded sandals offer. Fitted with the same method as the custom insoles, the sandals perfectly conform to your feet.

footbalance custom insoles sandals (6) footbalance custom insoles sandals (5)

On the left is a sandal that has been custom fit, the right is a sandal waiting for its mate. Find them wherever FootBalance custom insoles are sold.

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10 years ago

This makes no sense… why would I “walk around for 5 minutes” in cycling shoes? Seems like you would want to “ride around for 5 minutes”.

10 years ago

Zach, that makes even less sense. I have had a pair of these for six month. I used those inside my claycourt tennis shoes last summer. Plenty of support and comfort. Compared to my shimano heat moldable cycling shoes insoles, these are thicker, stiffer and provide more support. I have no doubt these would also provide better fit and comfort for cycling shoes, even stiffen up a bit some flexy spd sneakers, if that is what you are after.

So, fasten your shoe straps or laces firmly and ride around for 5 minutes to get your insoles molded.

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