The Adamo Attack is ISM’s most popular road saddle, but some riders wanted something cushier. The new PN1.1 uses same shape but gets more padding and switches from titanium rails to steel. PN stands for Performance Narrow, and the PN1.1 will retail for $149.95. Width is 110mm, length is 270mm.

Not shown, the PN2.0 is a new triathlon version that gets a hook under the rear of the shell to hold the the bike in a ready-to-go position in transition racks. It gets the thinner, firmer padding of the Attack, making it more of a racer’s saddle.

PR is their Performance Recreation line. Shapes are similar to others but with more and softer padding. That’s what’s new, but we’ve got a look at Michellie Jones’ custom Felt race bike after the break…



Not sure how aero a fuzzy pink saddle bag is, but it sure is cute!

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7 years ago

Weird Im surprised the attack is the “most popular” road model, its not that old is it? The breakaway has been around a while and has a way better (more useful positions) shape for road. Some of that “best” opinion comes down to individual anatomy ghough. I have both models, ISM make great stuff.

7 years ago

What’s the pink one called?