Wahoo fitness tickr x heart rate runing strap (2)

As the third introduction to their Bluetooth Hear Rate Monitor line up, Wahoo is giving the device its own memory. Calling it the TICKR X, the built-in memory means the device will be able to track heart rate,
calorie burn, and duration of workouts up to 16 hours long without the strap connected to your smart phone. The strap also includes Wahoo’s advanced motion capture technology that was first introduced on the TICKR Run. In addition to the Running Smoothness feature that uses an algorithm to track your running form, the sensor includes the ability to measure indoor cycling cadence without any additional sensors. Apparently more activities will be added to the strap’s repertoire in the future as well.

The TICKR X also acts as a standard HRM when connected to any smartphone via Bluetooth LE or any device that is ANT+ compatible. Additional features include the Wahoo Burn and Burst training program as well as a double tap feature built into the strap. A double tap in disconnected mode will add markers to the workout that can be reviewed afterwards. The feature can also be used in online mode to control music play back or laps. Compatible with Apple iPad and iphone, the TICKR X also works with Android devices with Bluetooth 4.0 and Android OS 4.3 or higher. The TICKR X will retail for $99.99.

Wahoo fitness tickr x heart rate runing strap (1)

Wahoo is also continuing to offer their Bluetooth Speed/cadence, and cadence sensors called the Blue SC and RPM. The Blue SC functions as a typical speed/cadence sensor with a magnet on the crank and rear wheel and communicates with Android or Apple devices through Bluetooth LE. Maybe the most interesting feature of the Blue SC is the built in odometer which keeps track of overall mileage of the bike and stores it internally, even when not connected to your smart phone.

The RPM is also a cadence sensor, but simply attaches to the crank – no magnet required. Bluetooth LE and ANT+ compatible, the device weighs only 7g and can also be worn on your shoe. The Blue SC retails for $59.99 and the RPM at $49.99.



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Mihai Tintea
Mihai Tintea
7 years ago

Who the h*ll goes out for a run or ride without mobile phone ? What year is it ? Tickr Run is more than enough. Wahoo better concentrate their efforts to fix/improve the Strava Segments App !

7 years ago

@Mihai I run without a mobile phone. The year is 2014.