We’ve reviewed Inno’s Tire Hold hitch mount rack before, a tray-style designed that’s served them well for many years and received a couple minor but welcome updates at Sea Otter earlier this year.

Now, they’ve introduced two entirely new hitch mount racks that fold up (or down) into tiny packages when not in use. Like the “Tire Hold” model, they’re uncleverly named after their methods, getting labeled “Vertical” and “Fold Light”, the latter shown above. It accommodates everything from road bikes to fat bikes with no parts swapping, has a tool-free install, and weighs just 30lbs.


Telescoping arms in the center grab onto the downtube of your bike and strap around it to hold it secure (we’d put a towel or something around the frame to prevent scratches). The oversized towers slide over the base plate, which has a ratchet to keep it from slipping up or down. They felt very stable.

The tire trays are one-size fits all, with a double dip center section to create road and mountain bike tire sized grooves. No matter the tire size, they should stay centered and locked into place.


When not in use, pull the pins on the tire tray arms and fold them up to look like this:



The Inno Vertical Hitch takes a unique approach to holding your bikes from the top and downtubes. Two arms swing up from the center, activated by a step lever at the bottom, and remain parallel to each other. There are four cradle sets, letting you squeeze four bikes on it, and only one of them slides inside the front triangle, making it easy to load just about any type of full suspension bike, too. It does appear to hold the bikes a bit off to one side, meaning your rear wheel is likely going to jut out a bit, though. But, as this demo showed, it’s strong enough to hold a ~45 pound electric fat bike.

The cradles rotate to line up with the frame’s tubes and use a strap to keep the front wheel from turning.

Both first 2″ and 1-1/4″ hitches and should be available early next year, pricing TBD.


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King County
King County
6 years ago

My friend has an Inno rack. The thing was very impressive. I’d consider an Inno for my next rack.