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You won’t be able to let go of Renthal’s new Ultra Tacky Grips. Literally. Okay, well not literally, but they are really, really sticky. Designed within an incredibly tacky compound, the grips should make any slipping at the bars a thing of the past. Combine them with the new 31mm Apex stem and you should have no more excuses for losing control…

renthal ultra tacky grips 31mm apex stem (6)

Created with a compound that is supposedly exclusive to Rental, the Ulra Tacky Grips will come in Lock On form and in multiple colors. The tackiness of the grip is continuously renewed by simply washing the surface once they get dirty. Available in mid October, the grips will sell for $32.95 fro the full lock on kit.

renthal ultra tacky grips 31mm apex stem (7) renthal ultra tacky grips 31mm apex stem (8)

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Following the trend of shorter and shorter front ends, Renthal is expanding their lineup of Apex stems by adding a 31 mm option. CNC macined out of solid billet 2014 aluminum for the body with 7075 clamps, the stem includes a +/-6° rise and has a claimed weight of 108 g. As short as they can possibly go, the stem will be available in only a 31.8mm, 240° bar clamp and will sell for $99.95. Apex stems are now available in 31, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, and 90mm lengths.

renthal ultra tacky grips 31mm apex stem (3)

Something you won’t see in production or on your bike unless you’re one of the fastest riders in the world, Renthal created these hand painted FatBars for Troy Brosnan and Aaron Gwin for their World Championship race. Troy ended up not using his due to the bright color of the bar in his field of vision throwing him off, but it’s still cool to look at nonetheless.

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6 years ago

Would love to try them grips.