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IB15: Velo Introduces Lightweight Angel Glide Saddles, Embraces Feng Shui, Thrones The Monkey King

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Velo was, for me, one of the really fun surprises of Interbike this year. They have pushed the level of their upper-end product with their new, lightweight Angel Glide saddle, the pinnacle of their Angel series. Utilizing their “Artech Suspension” system, Velo boasts that this new saddle offers a comfortable ride through the unique structure of the rear saddle undercarriage at a verified weight of 115g.

But while they have pushed upper limits of their development and process capabilities, they have also been cooking up some fun house projects embracing their heritage through their new Chinese New Year and Feng Shui concept saddles to “help balance your destiny and make your life fuller,” according to Sheila Lin. Meet the throne fit for the Monkey King after the jump…

IB15_Velo_Saddles_Angel-Glide_carbon_underside-1 IB15_Velo_Saddles_Angel-Glide_carbon_underside

To accomplish the comfort in the Angel series saddle, Velo developed their new, patented “Artech” suspensions system. The saddle rails extend to the rearmost extent of the saddle, allowing for greater flexure in the saddle body at sit bone contact areas and diverting impact away from the body. The model comes in metal rail and full carbon configurations and features a wide cut out for greater saddle body flexure side-to-side.


In the style department, a lower price point of the model comes in several colors designed around the five elements within Feng Shui (water, wood, fire, earth, and gold) to help your ride achieve a deeper balance… if that’s your focus in tuning your ride.


On the more casual end, Velo has introduced a series of saddles celebrating the Chinese Zodiac. In celebration of this year, Velo introduced this fun sheep saddle complete with hanging sheep ears off the back.


Last, but certainly not least, the Monkey King saddle is debuted for the upcoming year of the Monkey. Featuring the Monkey King crown, the saddle uses chromoly rails and “star-cut technology” in the saddle base to relieve pressure at the sit bones.


It is refreshing to see a company who is so pervasive as a quiet supplier and manufacturer for much the industry embrace their house product in this way. They are pushing the limits of their high-performance saddles while they are experimenting with unique and playful new concepts across their product spectrum.


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8 years ago

That sheep saddle was already presented in April, but still I haven’t found any place to buy it.

8 years ago

You wrote about the Angel Glide several times already, but can I actually get one? What’s the price?

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