enduro rockshox suspension fork wiper seal upgrade kit

Enduro’s new flangeless fork seals form the wiper and seal into one piece, and they removed the lipped flange on the outside edge so that it’ll sit deeper into the fork and stay put. The black wiper is a firmer than stock urethane to hold up better and keep more crud out, giving you the option to use a lube-soaked foam ring in its cavity or not. The lower blue-ish section is infused with a special friction reducing polymer to keep everything sliding ultra smooth without letting oil escape the fork’s internals.

They’ll be available for 32mm and 34mm stanchion forks from Fox and Rockshox, with 36 and 40 coming soon, along with 35mm for Rockshox. Retail is $30.


Incremental gains being the pros’ secret no more, Enduro is taking their seal technology and applying it to others’ parts to reduce friction in areas beyond the bearings. DT Swiss hubs are literally everywhere, so that was a good place to start. Enduro’s rep says the stock seal between the freehub body and hub body can feel a little tight once it’s all pressed together and installed in the bike. So, they made one with a silicone gasket that’s much slicker. Works on DT 180/240/350 hubs, standard and XD freehubs. $10, available by end of year.


Their new Shimano BB tool fits the latest versions of both Ultegra/105 and Dura-Ace with different sizes on either side. For $80, it gives you a much more secure hold of the BB shell.



  1. Veganpotter on

    Love that BB tool!!! I wish they’d make a SRAM one too though. I’m sure building it to the smaller non-drive diameter would still be usable on the drive side and still make the tool very good

  2. Marc on

    $10 for that DT seal? Why the heck not at your next service, especially as the stockers don’t seal particularly well to begin with…

    • dave on

      Fork seals aren’t supposed to seal entirely, dry stanchions mean a less active fork.

      Assuming you want small bump action, your stanchions should not be dry they should have a little oil on them.

      Enduro seals let you go longer without replacing the fork oil, but you get a constipated fork in the meantime.


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