Thanks to a little trademark issue, Kask’s first line extension will come under the Koo brand name.

Designed to fit particularly well with their helmets, the sunglasses stand on their own thanks to several innovative features that make them very versatile and very user friendly. The arms are angle adjustable, giving you three positions that set the angle of the lens on your face. Or, flip them all the way around and they’ll very easily stuff into your jersey pocket or pack. Even the nose pads swivel, and two versions come in the box. Beyond the functionality, they also look darn good…

kask koo sunglasses

The introductory model is called the Open, and the heart of the shades are one-piece Carl Zeiss lenses, which come in a tinted, mirrored lenses that come in smoke, super blue, and sky blue.

Each pair also comes with a clear lens, and a photochromic lena will be available as an option. The frames come in a massive rainbow of colors to match all of their helmets. 

kask koo sunglasses

Indexed clicks fix them into three different positions, or flip the arms all the way around so they nest into the curve of the lens. To replace the lenses, you flip the little black nub down to release them, then pop them out. They’re well secured into the frame, there’s no way they will accidentally pop out.

They come with a two-piece nose pad installed, plus a bridged replacement comes with it.

Retail will be $239 when they ship in December. The formal website is coming, but you can check them out on Facebook or hit up

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Mike D
5 years ago

Portable sunglasses?? HAS TECHNOLOGY GONE TOO FAR?!

Joking aside, good on Kask for taking a shot at innovating their specs. Curious as to how well the angles of the legs stay once adjusted.

5 years ago

You don’t want to know what Koo (Cu) means in Brazil.

Johnny Adventure
Johnny Adventure
5 years ago

Agreed Mike D. What are non-portable sunglasses?