The new Smith Podium TT helmet fills in their line, giving them a full aero lid for time trials and triathlon. It sticks with their Koroyd construction for protection and venting, but relies a little more heavily on EPS foam under the much more enclosed shell.

Up front, two small vents let air in, then interior channels pull it over the head and out of the rear Koroyd vents. The lenses also get two vents to bring a little AC to your brow, and they remove quickly thanks to magnetic connections…



The Podium TT will ship with one ChromaPop lens and one clear lens in the box.


X-Static padding cushions the front while their VaporFit retention system pulls it together at the rear. The MIPS system is one of the more full coverage inserts we’ve seen, but at least has plenty of vents under the primary air ducts.


Oversized exhaust ports should let lots of heat escape, but the Koroyd material maintains the exterior shape far better than gaping holes would, so aerodynamics should be preserved.


Available in four colors and two sizes (medium 55-59cm / large 59-62cm), retail will be $350. Claimed weight is 12oz (330g).


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