Yep, you read that right…all-new, modernly wide 26″ alloy rims. WHich will appeal to some, but we’ll start with the arguably more appealing new $1,299 Ibis Logo wheelset and their carbon rims.

Built with the same carbon fiber rims as their higher end 742 (27.5″) and 942 (29er) wheels, but with Ibis brand hubs instead of Industry Nine hubs, hence the $500 savings. The hubs get Enduro bearings, 36-tooth / 4-pawl ratchet for 10º engagement, and Sapim D-Light spokes. Rims are 41mm wide external, 35mm internal, and optimized for 2.6-3.0 plus mountain bike tires. Available now, and we’ve inquired about weights and will update as we get them. Boost axle spacing only. (UPDATE: Weights added below the break)

Per Scot at Ibis, the weights are: 742 Front 762g/Rear 902g/Pair 1664g; and 942 Front 805g/Rear 943g/Pair 1748g.

Ibis 26-inch plus alloy mountain bike rims

For folks wanting to add some flotation to their regular 27.5″ bike (assuming you’ve got the frame clearance) or maybe downsize their fat bike a bit for summer, Ibis is offering their proprietary 6066 welded alloy rims in a new 26″ diameter. It measures 38mm wide outside, 34mm inside, has 32 holes, and weighs in around 500g each. Retail is $99, and like their carbon rims, comes with a 7-year warranty.

Actually, all of their carbon rims and bikes now come with a generously managed 7-year warranty. This updates their 3-year warranty, which they felt didn’t adequately convey the level of quality control they implement, so they wanted to instill ever more confidence in their brand.


  1. preston on

    Giggling that someone is actually upset by a bike called Tranny.

    I guess its about 26+, but its a shame someone finally came out with wide format carbon wheel for 26″, and then made it boost only ! You know, because of all the 26″ bikes out there that can take Boost.


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