Kriss Kyle dominoes (FM)

If you follow the world of mountain biking, you’ll likely remember Danny MacAskill’s mind blowing Imaginate video. The fantastically creative segment combined equal parts incredible riding with an interactive environment straight out of Toy Story.

Along those same lines, Kriss Kyle is looking at the world of BMX through a Kaleidoscope…

Kriss Kyle at Red bull Kaleidoscope in Glasgow, United Kingdom on October 02, 2015

Kriss Kyle at Red bull Kaleidoscope in Glasgow, United Kingdom, c. Red Bull

Start with some of the craziest tricks in BMX and then add in moving ramps and wild rails and you get the picture. From a roller coaster rail to back flip, to a complete spiral like a coin going down a chute, to trampoline front flips, this is one video you have to see.

Check out interactive tricks over at



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