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Industry Nine Releases New SOLiX M Hubs for Highest-Performance Wheelsets To Date

Industry Nine SOLiX M Hubs hero(Photos/Industry Nine)
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Ashville, North Carolina’s Industry Nine announces a new addition to their SOLiX line of hubs, introducing the SOLiX M Hubs. The new hubs join the likes of SOLiX G and SOLiX SL wheel families. SOLiX M is about quick engagement, low weight, and reduced drag and is a key ingredient to their lightest, fastest mountain bike wheels.

Industry Nine SOLiX M Hubs two blue hubs
(Photos/Industry Nine)

Industry Nine developed these new hubs to give XC and trail riders their highest-performance wheelset to date. The SOLiX M family represents Industry Nine’s flagship Ultralight and Trail 24-hole wheelsets.

What is SOLiX

SOLiX is a “groundbreaking hub drive system, developed from their extensive off-road experience and optimized for mechanical efficiency, competitive weight, and increased durability.” Industry Nine says it represents a significant leap forward from previous XC and Trail offerings.

Industry Nine SOLiX M Hubs Hub inerds

At the core of SOLiX is a continually-phased five-pawl freehub seamlessly integrating with a 121-tooth drive ring. This offers 605 points of contact, translating to an ultra-fine 0.59° engagement.

Industry Nine SOLiX M Hubs cutaway pawls

The pawls and drive rings are engineered for maximum durability and crafted from A2 tool steel using precision wire EDM cutting. To minimize the amount of freewheeling noise, they’ve reduced pawl rotation, decreased pawl spring pressure, optimized drive ring diameter, and changed the contact seal layout.

Industry Nine SOLiX M Hubs free hub

Pulling inspiration from their previous designs, SOLiX offers lighter weight and lower friction with enhanced sealing. Keeping outside contaminants at bay, all bearings are protected by replaceable full-contact radial lip seals.

Additionally, SOLiX uses the same bearing size on both the drive and non-drive sides, evenly distributing the load placed on the hub shell. There’s also a refined bearing preload method that ensures maximum life with minimum service.

Wheels in the SOLiX M Collection


Retail: $2395/set

The SOLiX M UL300, already recognized as a winner, is designed for optimal speed and efficiency, whether on the XC race course or in any scenario requiring a premier UL-series mountain bike wheelset.

Industry Nine SOLiX M Hubs UL 300 Spec sheet
  • 30mm internal width
  • Carbon
  • 1385g

SOLiX M UL250a

Retail: $1405/set

The SOLiX M UL250 stands out as a top-performing aluminum XC wheelset, leaving competitors behind both on and off the racecourse. With superior weight, engagement, and ride quality, the SOLiX M UL250 sets a high standard.

Industry Nine SOLiX M Hubs UL 250 spec sheet
  • 25mm internal width
  • Alloy
  • 1425g


Retail: $1405/set

The SOLiX M TR285 introduces the most advanced alloy Trail rim, combined with the revolutionary SOLiX M hub and spoke system chassis, making it a wheelset ready to tackle long rides, challenging climbs, thrilling descents, and unpredictable weather conditions.

Industry Nine SOLiX M Hubs trail 285 spec sheet
  • 28.5mm internal width
  • Alloy, Hollow Bead Wall
  • 1535g

SOLiX M TR300/290 DUO

Retail: $2395/set

The SOLiX M TR300/290 DUO emerges as the premier light trail wheelset, also known as “downcountry,” under the Industry Nine banner. From the SOLiX M system chassis to the DUO series premium carbon rims, every component within this wheelset stands as a testament to top-of-the-line craftsmanship.

Industry Nine SOLiX M Hubs Traill 300:290 spec sheet
  • 30mm F/ 29mm R internal width
  • Carbon, DUO Concept
  • 1470g


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1 month ago

Why do all the images of the hubs alone show j-bend style spoke flanges, yet all the images of built wheels show straight pull hub flanges?

1 month ago
Reply to  w-wntco1

I think I9 only sells the straight pull hubs on a complete wheelset. The jbend hubs are sold as hub only to build up.
I worked at a shop a few years ago and this was how it was then.

1 month ago

I’ve been listing after a complete I9 wheelset for my Turbo Levo for a few weeks now. It’s basically all I can think about.
I had a I9 hub wheelset built for a DH bike about 5 years ago and it was the best wheels I ever had.
I just spent $10k on the Turbo Levo, so it’s hard to justify another $2500 for a carbon wheelset. I might just get the aluminum 300 Enduro wheelset.
If I close my eyes I can hear the freewheel now……

29 days ago

Is this meant to address the problems that were occurring with Hydra Hubs?

26 days ago
Reply to  FrankTheTank

What problems are those?

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