Just in time for some end-of-season epics as well as a bit of cooler weather, Darn Tough recently sent out a pair of their new Light Cushion Bike Sock.  Knit by Darn Tough (rather than a subcontractor) in Vermont, the Light Cushion is made of pure 17.5 micron Merino wool and designed to provide a bit of cushion even in tight-fitting riding shoes.  In the six weeks since they arrived, the Darn Toughs have seen everything from chilly morning commutes to 8-hour high country epics.  How have they performed?  Hit the jump to find out!

While I’m not particularly itch-prone, Darn Tough’s fine-gauge wool is very soft and comfortable against my skin.  As promised, the Light Cushion Bike Sock is moderately dense underfoot and relatively thin elsewhere.  This makes them a good fit in all but my snuggest riding shoes and helps keep feet comfortable when the day turns from cool to hot warm.  The “quarter length” works well- high enough to keep debris out but not so tall as to cause overheating when working hard or to attract accusations of fashion victimhood.

It’s on long rides that the Light Cushions’ light cushioning really comes into its own.  From the soft fabric to the unobtrusive toe seam to their ‘just right’ weight, these socks do nothing to draw attention from the ride. Even if they weren’t made in Vermont, backed by an “unconditional lifetime guarantee,” or reasonably priced at $17, the Darn Toughs would still have been fast favorites.  As they’re all of these things, these may well become our go-to three season mountain and spring/fall road sock.  Overly enthusiastic?  Stay tuned for a final review…


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9 years ago

Can’t wait for part two of this sock review!!!! Keep them coming.

9 years ago

Best socks ever! I’ve accumulated enough Darn Toughs that I don’t ever have to wear anything else. I give them as gifts every year but only to people who will appreciate them 😉

Second best part is they’re Made In Vt. In the factory is a big sign that says “Nobody Ever Outsourced for Quality”

Kerry Tull
Kerry Tull
9 years ago

Darn Tough socks are as much a part of my running and riding equipment as hydration. Recently raced the Vermont 50 – muddy rainy but never thought about my feet – great wool socks that never bind and keep my feet comfortable – to me this is when the best equipment shines!