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Interbike 2008 – BMC Road Bikes

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The 2009 BMC Racemaster road bike, shown in the video, features their “Carbon Arc” technology, placing carbon from the rear axle, up the chainstay and around to the headtube.  From there, just below the headtube on the downtube, it’s all aluminum.  This gives the bike the comfort and damping of a carbon frame with the efficiency and rigidity of aluminum where it matters.

For more pics and info, and to see the rest of their road line for 2009, read “more”…

2009 BMC race master racemaster road bike carbon fiber aluminum bicycle interbike 2008


The “integrated” seatpost, called a Streampost, is a little different than the integreated seat “MAST” we’ve been seeing on a lot of new bikes.  This one is aero shaped exclusively for this bike and has no seat clamp or bolt.  Instead, they use an interal clamping mechanism very similar to the way a threaded headset’s stem would insert and secure itself (it’s show in the video).  This produces a more streamlined look with easy adjustability.

Like on their mountain bikes, the frames are machined out on the inside-facing areas to save weight while keeping a sleeker outward appearance.

The “T” shaped top tube splits to meet the seat tube, increasing the rigidity at that juncture and giving the bike that trademark BMC look.

The seat tube flares at the BB to increase stiffness.

2009 BMC Time Machine time trial tt triathlon road bike bicycle interbike 2008

Pretty much the only bike in their booth without the split top tube was their aero time trial (TT) / triathlon bike.  Dubbed the Time Machine, this is their “02” level bike.  The “01” is a carbon version with much fatter, shapelier tubes.

2009 bmc pro machine road bike carbon fiber bicycle interbike 2008

Their Pro Machine is a near fully carbon bike.  What do I mean?  I mean the only metal on the frame is the threads for the bottom bracket.  The drop outs are carbon and everything else.  And not just any carbon, but unidirectional Easton carbon nano-tubes carbon.

Very cool seat clamp design with sweet, sweet nekkid carbon…mmmmm.

The Pro Machine is also available in a red/carbon color scheme. Check out the shaping near the bottom bracket area, how the seat tube forms into supporting structures that give it a firm base on the flat BB platform.  It actually looks like it would almost be easy to clean this area on this bike!

They had a rainbow of colors for their road bikes, including red and a darker blue.

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