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Interbike 2008 – Chamois Buttr and more

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Paceline Product’s had a few line extensions for the famous Chamois Butt’r.  The new Eurostyle (which we’re currently testing for a full review) combines some menthol-like ingredients for a cooling sensation, much like the Assos chamois cream.  Given the exchange rate, the Chamois Butt’r comes in much, much cheaper and I think it’s a slightly larger container, too.  They’ve also got a new style tube that lets you squeeze more out than their older, firmer plastic tube.

For the “other” cyclist you may know, there’s Butt Waxx.  It’s simply their original Chamois Butt’r formula repackaged with a more manly label.  Apparently, motorcyclists and scooterists have been in the closet about using CB on their nips, arms and nether regions.  Now they can feel proud about it.

Paceline had a few other cool little products you probably haven’t seen, read “more” for some pics…

Marlo, Paceline’s PR person extraordinaire, shows off the Jimi Wallet, one of the many products they distribute.  It comes in a variety of translucent colors (Color coordinate with your old iMac today!) and is made in the US of 100% recycled materials.  It’ll hold up to five cards, some cash and an ID, and fits easily in tiny pockets or on a lanyard around your neck.  Shown below open, and the money clip is removeable if you want to run really lean.

Another line that’s new for them is the Qoleum personal products line.  Including all sorts of body/hair washes, embrocations (warming lotions), a chamois cream, lip balm and various other products.  They’re hand made in Belgium of organic and other high quality ingredients.  Check ’em out at here, and have your shop order through Paceline if you’d like to get them in the US.

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