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Interbike 2008 – Crumpler Bags

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Look closely at the inset photograph.  Now read this story…I can’t make this stuff up.  The founder of Crumpler was traveling and ate something that didn’t agree with him.  He ran to the bathroom, but found both stalls to be occupied.  Not in a position to wait, he positioned himself upon a sink and did what needed to be done.  There, in the midst of making some janitor quit his job, inspiration struck.  If only he’d had something to hide his face while relieving himself…and thus the “Toshi Squirt” bag exploded into existence.

Quite simply, it’s a messenger bag that you can you can fold outward to make a “mask” for emergency (ie. embarassing) situations.  Read “more” to see some of the other designs for which to hide yourself and some other pretty cool Crumpler bags…

Above are a couple of the other “masks” available in the Toshi Squirts line.  For only $115, you can preserve your dignity.

For those who may want to take in liquids as opposed to expelling them, Crumpler’s launching a new line of hydration packs, shown below.

They come in a variety of colors and have several dividers on the inside to keep you sorted out.  On the outside, there are zippers on either side of the center color that open separate overlapping pockets.  The straps on either side can expand to hold an umbrella, rolled up jacket, etc.  They’re constructed of 320 denier cordura with an internal polyurethane coating to give it some water resistance and lined with ripstop nylon. MSRP is $95.

Lastly, they’re introducing the “Cork ‘n’ Fork” rolling photographer’s suitcase.  The backpack inside is removeable and has compartments for all your photo needs.  This is what I wish I had for covering interbike!  It retails for $550.  The two suitcases behind it are part of their traditional rolling luggage collection.  Shown are the small and medium sizes, $350 and $450 respectively, and a larger size is available for $520. They come with a 99-year warranty.


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15 years ago

Here is one company that I will never purchase from… the sad thing is many will find this humorous

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