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Interbike 2008 – Kenda Tires

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Kenda had a few new tires, sizes and colors on display at Interbike, like the new all-black C2C “Tinker Juarez” signature edition road tire (center), to complement the original yellow sidewall version.  They both feature Kenda’s dual tread compound, putting harder rubber in the center for durability and softer, grippier rubber on the sides for better cornering traction.  In this model, the sides also get a “basket weave” pattern to aid traction.  The tires use their Iron Cloak construction from bead to bead to prevent punctures.  They have a 125psi rating and retail for $40 to $45.

I’ve been a fan of Kenda for years and have ridden their tires almost exclusively for the past five or six years.  Not because I’m sponsored by them (I’m not), but because they a) work impressively well in virtually all conditions, b) they last a really, really long time (my current set of MTB tires probably have about 200 miles on them, which is a LOT for MTB, and all the knobs are still intact…albeit, a little worn down in the center), and c) they’re some of the best bargains going.  Most of their tires MSRP for $35 to $45, compared to $50 to $90 for other brands.  Oh, and, they’re lightweight.

Hit the “more” link to see their new road, bmx, ‘cross and MTB tires for 2009…

The specs for the C2C.

2009 kenda tire road bicycle bike kaliente kriterium

The Kaliente (top) is what I’ve run on my road bike for about the past five years.  The Kriterium (center) has a new size for 2009, 700×25, to complement their 700×23, giving you a wider range of options.  MSRP is $35.

Even being their lightest clincher tire, the Kaliente has held up extremely well for me.  The only flat I’ve had in five years was a construction nail that drove itself into the tire and straight through the rim.

2009 kenda tire mountain bike bicycle mtb kot king of traction interbike 2008

The KOT (King of Traction) goes from knobby (left) to downright spikey (right), so you have something for varying degrees of muddy conditions and/or soft terrain.

The KOT gets wider as the knobs get taller. The 2.35 is a non-folding bead DH/FR tire with reinforced sidewalls to take some serious abuse.  At 1255g/tire, they’re not messing around.

2009 Kenda Nevegal mountain bike mtb bicycle tire interbike 2008

The Nevegal gets a new 650b (27″) size tire (left).  You can see how it sticks out just a little further than the other two Nevegals in the middle.

Even though it’s a bit bigger, the 650b Nevegal is more XC race oriented and is considerably lighter than the 26″ version next to it.  About 735g versus 1055g.

2009 Kenda Kommando cyclocross cross tire bicycle bike interbike 2008

The Kommando is Kenda’s new cyclocross tire.  It’s available in 700×32 and 700×35 and MSRP’s for $40.  It uses the Dual Tread compound and Iron Cloak casing.

The tread is a dual directional design: as the sign above shows, you can switch it around to match course conditions.

2009 kenda kiniption bmx urban bike bicycle tire interbike 2008

The Kiniption is their urban BMX tire.  The tread runs from bead to bead for traction and to protect the sidewall…presumably from rent-a-cops that try to run you off shopping plaza stair rails as you grind your way to nirvana.

It’s a wire bead tire and MSRP’s for $25.

2009 kenda tire npj bmx bicycle bike interbike 2008

Lastly, the NPJ (Niels-Peter Jensen) is their Signature Series BMX tire designed with one of the top riders from across the pond.  What’s new about this for 2009?  They decided to share it with us Yanks…after the Olympics…hmmmmm.

It’s available in 26″ and 24″ sizes and MSRP is TBD.

One note from my conversations with their rep is that prices may increase by about $5/tire for 2009, so if you need tires, get them now.

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