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Interbike 2008 – Pacific Outdoor Equipment

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Pacific Outdoor Equipment had some really well thought out and versatile bags for your bike and body, from panniers like you see above, to seat bags to grocery getters, not to mention a sweet back pack. 

The pannier gear bag shown above is expandable to hold quite a bit more cargo than you’d think from this pic.  Undo the reflective clips (there are matching ones on the side facing the bike, too) and the top comes up.  The bag rolls up like a dry bag to prevent any moisture from entering, so you simply unroll it to fit your gear in, roll it tight, then cinch the top back down to cover it.  The silver pocket on the outside will keep things mostly dry, but has small vents at the bottom to let wet things drain or moisture vent.  It has internal load control straps to keep things from jostling around.

All of their bags are PVC-free, instead using polyurethane impregnation and welded seams to keep things dry on the inside.   If you have a bag fetish like I do, read “more” for pics of other items…

POE’s Aaron shows off the Velocio backpack.  The top flap covers the rollup that seals the inside of the bag from the elements.  The “holes” you see on the inner part are vents for an exterior pocket and in no way compromise the dryness of the interior.

Their “Co-op” grocery bag hooks to any pannier rack system and folds flat when not in use.  It fits a standard paper bag and holds it snug for the ride home.

This is probably one of the coolest bag ideas they had.  It’s a garment bag that holds your suits, dress clothes, etc. and simply drapes over the panniers.  Perfect for those that commute but have to dress all business like at the office.  It also has sleeves and pockets for your laptop, shoes, stress ball and other office necessities.

The seat bags appear to be standard, but hidden underneath them is a pull-out seat cover that wraps all the way over your seat to keep it dry.

POE is based in Bozeman, MT, and has been in business for about 20 years. Their current design team has been kicking out cool products like these for the last seven.

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