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Interbike 2008 – Speedplay

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Speedplay had lots of new goodies to show off, some ready for launch in early 2009, some still in the prototype stage.  Above is their new Zero Nanogram, weighing in at only 130g per pair!  They use a new carbon for the body of the pedal and infuse carbon into the plastic of the cleat base plate to save weight.  Personally, I’ve run speedplays on my road bikes for years and they’re amazing pedals…the lighter weight is big bonus.  MSRP on these will be $625.

Read “more” to see their all new Mountain Bike pedal (which looks WAY better than their old Frog model), and some other cool goodies, both lightweight and fun…

The SYZR is Speedplay’s answer to the Eggbeater.  It has two-sided entry, but like the Eggbeaters from Crank Brothers, the spring loaded clasps are opposed on the same hinge.  The means that the harder you pull up on the pedal, the tighter it grabs the cleat, making it very unlikely you’ll pull out of your pedal. You exit them by twisting outward, like normal, and they have adjustable tension.  The front grasp clamp appears to be replaceable, too.  They use needle and cartridge bearings, not cheap bushings, are fully serviceable and are built with a stainless steel spindle, cro-mo body and aluminum pivot. Weight is 350g per pair, MSRP is TBD, and they’ll be available early 2009.

Another cool feature is the angle adjustment located on the cleat.  Simply move the cleat to the position you want, then tighten the opposing screws (on right side in this pic) to lock it in place.

Next up was their new 19g carbon water bottle cage (below), which will retail for $70.  A slightly beefier MTB version will be available shortly and will weigh 27g.

Last up was their new Platformer, a clear plastic cover for Speedplay road pedals that makes them into small platform pedals for commuting.  It’s a simple, cheap and much appreciated (if you don’t own Speedplays, trust me on this) little accessory.  Simply pull a pin out (shown below) and the cover comes right off.  $20 MSRP and worth every penny.  Should be available early 2009, they’re still working out the formula on the plastic.

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