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Interbike 2009 – New Kenda Tubulars, Road Training Tires and MTB Treads

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INTERBIKE 2009Kenda’s launching their first Tubular road tires, the 200 TPI Domestique and the 300 TPI Super Domestique and Volare.  They also showed off a Road Tubeless prototype built around their Kaliente tread pattern.  I’ve ridden Kaliente’s for years and they handle very well, so look for a solid performer when the tubeless version is released.

Also new for Kenda is their new Kadence training tire, a $25 tread that comes in five colors, and lots of new mountain bike tires including models from Brian Lopes and Hans Rey and a new casing width for the Small Block Eight.  Oh, and a few more new goodies…Hit ‘more’ to see them all…


Here’s a more straight on view of the new tubular tires’ tread patterns.  From right to left, the Domestique comes in at just $35, cheap for a Tubular (Kendas have always been a solid value), then $85 for the Super Domestique and $100 for the pro-level Volare.  Spec sheets for each are below:





Kenda’s tubeless road bike tire is only in the prototype stages, but the guys from Maxxis were there checking it out.  They have a new tubeless road tire coming out, too, which we’ll hit in another post.


The Kaliente gets a new “Pro” model with new colors and a dual tread compound (67 center / 62 outer) for fast rolling in the center and better grip when cornering.  $50 each, specs are:



The Kadence is a new training tire from Kenda.  At just $25 each, they’ll probably be popular with the “kids” that want to color match stuff and skid.  Specs are:



Transitioning from street to dirt is the new Konversion BMX and Dirt Ramp tire.  Also new for Kenda’s BMX line is all models get a folding bead option for 2010.


Also transitioning from pavement to dirt (and grass and mud) is Kenda’s Kwicker cyclocross tire.  For 2010, the design remains the same, but it gets bumped from 60 TPI to 120 TPI casings like the rest of their ‘cross tires.


Building on the popularity of their Small Block Eight tires (at right), Kenda is developing the Slant Six (center) to bridge the gap between the Eight’s tightly spaced knobs and their more aggressive tread patterns.  The Slant Six will be available in Spring / Summer 2010.  Specs are:


Jumping back to the Small Block Eight, it does get a couple of new additions:  A 1.75 size for XC racing (short track, likely) and a big fat 2.35 downhill version with dual ply sidewalls and a puncture cap under the tread.


Kenda’s relationship with Brian Lopes has yielded another new design.  Dubbed the BBG, it has a low profile, tightly spaced center knob section, then a gap, then big side knobs.  The Kenda rep said Lopes likes a space between tread sections to allow the tire to break a bit before biting into the turn.  I guess the crazy stuff he does on the bike just doesn’t goose his bumps quite enough…why not throw a little more excitement into the ride, eh?  Specs are:



The Happy Medium is Eric Carter’s new design featuring  small diamond knobs in the center with aggressive side knobs for hard cornering.  Specs are:


Lastly, and there’s no photo to accompany, but Kenda’s worked with Hans Rey to develop the new H Factor tire.  It’ll be less aggressive than his existing Telonix tire, with a good center line and rounded overall profile.

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14 years ago

Are “any” of the Mtn bike tires tubeless ready ???

13 years ago

The Kenda road tubeless “prototype” tire in the photo looks suspiciously like the Hutchinson and Specialized tubeless tires! Rumour is that Kenda actually manufactures them both! Please comment.

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