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Interbike 2009 – New Yakima Roof, Hitch, Spare and Trailer Bicycle Racks

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INTERBIKE 2009Yakima introduced their new RACKandROLL Trailers at Interbike along with the:

  • Front Loader: a Universal Fit Roof Rack, attaches to virtually any stock vehicle roof rack
  • HighLite: lightweight hitch-mount rack
  • Spare Time: attaches to your tailgate-mounted spare tire.

Intended for teams or those who just like to bring a lot of people and bikes along (or other stuff, just about any of Yakima’s various canoe, board or other mounts will attach to the RACKandROLL).  It’s a lightweight trailer that’s rated for highway speeds.  According to their rep, that means you can do 75mph with it.  There are two models available, 66″ and 78″ wide, and they’re packed with features.

Not shown here but released earlier this year are two tray-style hitch racks, the Stickup and Holdup.  We reviewed the Stickup already, and we’re currently reviewing the Holdup.

All the photos, specs and pricing after the break for all new Yakima racks and trailers…


On the front end, the RACKandROLL has an easy carry handle and a lockable tongue lever to keep your trailer on your car.  With the handle, you can easily use the trailer as a hand cart.  They come with standard 4-pin light connections.


A spare tire mounts underneath, and bike (and other) trays and racks mount to the black cross beams just like they would on a Yakima roof rack.


Wheels are independently suspended to keep your stuff stable on the road.  BYO spinners…


The roller wheels on the back help you roll the trailer on its end into your garage or storage area easily.  The hole thing folds down fairly flat and small, allowing you to store or hang it upright and out of the way when not in use.  The 66″ retails for $2,149 and the 78″ retails for $2,299.


The new Front Loader  (foreground) roof rack attaches to any stock roof rack, competitors’ system or Yakima cross bars.  It holds the front and rear wheel of your bicycle, so no wheel removal is necessary.


The knob (above) on the front twists to tighten the hook (below) on the rear around the roof rack’s cross bar.



Once the bike’s in place, you tighten the red dial to close the rear loop around the rear of the wheel.  A cable lock runs between that and the downtube to secure your bike, and the tray itself will lock onto your roof rack cross bar with a key.  MSRP is $159 per tray, and the locks are Core compatible, so you can get them to match your other Yakima keys.


The new HighLite is a lightweight 2- or 3-bike hitch-mount bicycle rack.  The arms are relatively narrow to fit a wide range of bikes, and the double straps  on alternating pads secure the top and seat tube to keep the bikes from swaying.


The ends of the arms, like all Yakima racks, have bottle openers for the after-ride imbibe.  Obviously (from the marks on these), they work.  The lock cable pulls out of the rack (below), runs through your frames and latches to the silver prong jutting out of the bottom of the right arm (above).yakima-highlite-rack-interbike09-04


The HighLite folds down far enough to allow most liftgates, and probably even some tailgates, to open.  The black knob on the end of the piece that slides into the hitch expands a wedge that tightens the rack into the hitch to keep it from rocking back and forth.


The three-bike model of the HighLite shows the Silver color.  Either version is available in either color:


It’ll fit 1-1/4″ and 2″ hitches right out of the box.


The new Yakima SpareTime attaches to virtually any spare tire.  A backing plate mounts behind the rim and bolts through to attach via the red knob on the vertical bar, which locks with a key.  When it’s locked, the dial will just spin freely, preventing the rack from being removed.  The metal ring loop above the knob allows you to run a cable lock through it and the bikes to secure them to the rack.

Loosen the knobs on the side of the right arm and the arms fold down flat when not in use.  Dual straps on alternating arms provide multiple attachment points to keep your bikes from swaying.


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Scott Weiss
Scott Weiss
14 years ago

That trailer is awesome! Any chance for a Bikerumor.com giveaway??

10 years ago

Hi, can you tell me if the trailer rims are plastic…?
If they are, wow! that makes the trailer very light, yes?
Ok, thanks

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