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Interbike 2009 – Time Road, Mountain and Commuter Bicycle Shoes and Pedals

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INTERBIKE 2009 – Time Sports had their new i-Clic road pedals on display in several models, plus their new Allroad Gripper clipless pedals that feature their ATAC system on one side and a replaceable platform on the other, letting you ride your bike with both cycling and normal shoes.

Speaking of shoes, Time also has some new road, mountain and triathlon shoes.  The Road and Tri are Ulteam models with carbon soles and the mountain bike shoe has a carbon sole with some aggressive TPU treads.

Above is the bottom of the i-Clic pedal and the cleat.  Hit ‘more’ to see the various models with specs, weights and pricing…

Time’s i-Clic pedals use a carbon or fiber blade to create the retention force in lieu of a metal spring, which helps save weight and should provide more consistent force over time.


The top of the line is the Titan Carbon with a hollow titanium axle, carbon body and CarboFlex retention blade.  The pair weighs in at just 175g, making them really light, especially for a full platform pedal.  MSRP is $460.


Next down is the i-Clic Carbon with a hollow steel axle and carbon body.  Weight increases by 50g to 225g per pair, but the price almost drops in half to $260.


Below the Carbon is the Racer.  It gets a composite (non-carbon) body with steel axle, but still has the CarboFlex blade.  Weight is 255g and MSRP is $180.


The entry level i-Clic model gets a FiberFlex blade rather than a carbon one, which bumps the weight just slightly to 260g.  MSRP is $140.


The Allroad comes in two versions with color options on the higher end Gripper models.


The regular model is the plain gray version shown at bottom.  It comes in gray, has no rubbery grip nubs and is not interchangeable.  MSRP is $90.


The Allroad Gripper comes with either Red, Blue or Gray and will MSRP for $125.


The top end Allroad Gripper+ gets an upgraded chrome steel axle and is shipped with both Red and Gray platforms, which you can swap out to match your bike, mood or outfit.  MSRP is $140, and weight on all three versions is 400g/pair.



Time’s new top of the line road shoe, the Ulteam RS Carbon borrows Time’s Vibraser carbon/vectran technology already in use on their bikes to help dampen road vibration in the shoes.  The Ulteam RS Carbon gets one layer of Vectran fibers throughout the entire sole and an additional patch on the cleat area.


They’re available in shiny white and red, and the uppers have Time’s Thermo Shape membrane that allows you to heat the shoe then mold it to your foot for a semi-custom fit.  Other features include a removable insole, padded tongue and mechanical buckle closure on the top strap.


MSRP on the Ulteam RS Carbon is $240.


For the triathletes, Time takes much of the technology from the RS and adapts it for multisport athletes.  It has the same Vibraser sole and Thermo Shape upper, but comes in a little lighter without the mechanical closure and extra straps.  Weight is 600g/pair and MSRP is $160.



For the dirt, Time’s new MXS Carbon shoe uses a Clarino microfiber Thermo Shape upper to customize the fit. The full TPU sole has a carbon insert to provide a stiff pedaling platform, and aggressive treads and toe spike mounts help with hike-a-bike sections.  Like the road shoes, they have a top buckle strap with two velcro straps.


They’re available in Black only, weigh in at 810g/pair and MSRP for $200.


A little more on their Vibraser tech, in their own words.

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14 years ago

Allroad Gripper = long overdue

Wesleyh Thomas
Wesleyh Thomas
8 years ago

Listen up,I’m in pursuit of and require 2bolt pattern cleats and shoes for my 1995 Time pedals that I won’t give up. I gave up Looks back in the 90’s because after riding 300 plus miles a week, my feet were sore in a particular triangular pattern. That all stopped with Time pedals. Need Cleats and shoes to match….please can you help.

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