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Interbike 2010: Limar Introduces a Lighter “World’s Lighest Helmet”, Shaves Grams from MTB & Kids Lids, Too

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Last year, Limar introduced this helmet as the Pro 104 and called it the “World’s Lightest Helmet” with a claimed weight of just 170g, which at the time was 10g less than the prior version.

Well, for 2011, they’ve done it again…another 10g have mysteriously vanished from the helmet.

They’ve also applied that technology to their other helmets for what they’re calling their Superlight Series, even spreading some love to their kids’ helmets. Check out on-the-scale proof and the rest of the goods behind the jump…

Just like last year, the model on hand comes in 1g under the claimed weight, barely registering at 159g.

The new Ultralight helmet is a claimed 160g for CE European and the Australian safety standards, and a claimed 200g (Med) for the U.S. version because it has carbon reinforcements inside the shell. The U.S. version did not change weight from last year.

What’s remarkable is that the helmet achieves this low weight without skimping on features. The front has an integrated bug net, and there’s a dial-actuated mechanical closure and normal strap webbing.  The sides do remain fairly high on the head, perhaps making this a helmet you’d only want to use on the road, but it’s impressive nonetheless.

The U.S. versions have the carbon fiber reinforcement molded into the shell, which adds a bit of weight but makes for a stronger brain bucket.

This one shows that they can get the U.S. approved version lighter even with the carbon reinforcements (184g), but the Limar reps said this one probably was pre-production or otherwise not to spec for U.S. sales.

This is a larger size for the CPSC-approved model, but 215g is still pretty good.  They’re available with visors, too.

While we really like the looks of Garneau’s 188g X-Lite, the Limar Ultralight pretty much smashes LG’s claims of having the lightest helmet with a mechanical closure. (Garneau’s is, however, the one of lightest ones we’ve seen that’s CPSC approved for sale in the U.S., although we haven’t weighed it in person or Specialized’s new claimed 185g Prevail in CPSC-approved form.)

There’s a new version of the 777 / 757 helmet that dropped 10% to 15% of the original weight with the superlight treatment.  The 757 is the olive hued mountain bike version to the right, the 777 is the road version in the foreground.  Behind them, you can see the visor for the Ultralight on the orange one.

262g for a full coverage “all mountain” style helmet with visor is pretty darn good.

The Superlight series even applies to their kids’ lids, which are CPSC approved for sale in the U.S. and should make kids more likely to keep them on during longer rides. They have a fully encased inmolded shell, so you don’t have to worry about the minimal weights affecting your child’s safety. (184g above, 201g below)

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Crash Test Dummy
Crash Test Dummy
13 years ago

This looks like a nice helmet… what I *really* want is something SOLID BRIGHT YELLOW so drivers see me better and there’s less chance I’ll get hit in the first place. If you look at a pattern helmet from a distance it tends to blend in. SOLID BRIGHT is more visible from a distance, but I haven’t been able to find one for like 5 years.

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