Maxxis had a few new pieces of rubber for both road and dirt on hand, including prototypes of their first-ever tubular tires.

Starting at the left, the DTH BMX tire is now available in a 26″ size for urban and dirt jump use. It’ll come in 2.15 and 2.3 sizes with various 60tpi versions and one lighter 525g 120tpi eXception model.

In the center is the Ikon, a new 26″ and 29er XC tire. Both sizes will be available with or without their EXO sidewall protection. All Icon tires are part of the eXception series with 120tpi casing and these are Maxxis’ first triple compound XC tires. They have a hard 70a base compound with a dual 62a center/60a side tread compound. 480g to 535g for 26″ and 520g to 575g for 29er.

On the right is the Beaver, a new mud specific 29er that uses small ramped knobs with wide spacing. It has a dual compound with harder base layer and softer 50a tread layer for good grip on wet rocks. 120tpi casing, 2.0 x29 only for now, weight is about 520g. $51.00.

More news on MTB tires, a bigger picture of these three and those forthcoming road tubulars after the break…

Not shown, the Ardent and Crossmark are now available in UST versions for 29er. Weights are approximately 900g and 800g.

These prototype tubular tires are the first tubulars for Maxxis. Our man there, Rob, wanted us to point out that they’ll be made in their own factory in Taiwan, not outsourced like “some other companies.”

Forza is the training/everyday tire with a bit of tread (click to enlarge for detail). It has their Silkworm puncture protecting polymer fabric, a dual compound rubber and a 130psi max. The Campione is the racing tire and has a higher 145psi max and their K2 Kevlar Komposite puncture protection layer, and it bumps up to a triple compound rubber. No current production timeline, still in development.


  1. dave on

    >> made in their own factory in Taiwan, not outsourced like “some other companies.” <<

    This is supposed to be a selling point? Don't know whether to laugh or cry.


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