Boombotix makes music more sociable than headphones. They’re drop and water resistant and come in a wide range of colors and patterns. They’re pretty lightweight, too.

They claim it’s the loudest portable speaker without replaceable batteries. It uses a small, built-in rechargeable Li-Ion battery. It plugs into your phone or MP3 player and it is indeed pretty loud without getting totally distorted. Even better, they’re cheap ($40) and they pretty much warranty anything you’ll do to it. There’s also a wireless Bluetooth version for $65.


Cytomax recently announced their stick packs, and now they’re launching Energy Drop chews. Two versions will be offered, Tropical/Pomegranate and a caffeinated Orange/Tangerine. Retail is $1.99 for 60g, about 10 drops. That’ll give you 180 calories from 46g of carbs (22g sugars) with sodium and potassium. Available in November.


RideKick is a new motorized trailer that pushes your bike and carries cargo. It retails for $699 and attaches to any bike. Currently it uses an SLA battery to get about 12-15 miles per charge for now, but they’re developing a Li-Ion battery that will double the range. It’s good for about 19 miles per hour without any pedaling.


Bonus: the controller box has a USB charger for phones, iPods or whatever. It’ll also display any error codes to tell you what’s wrong with it if there’s a problem, and the USB port doubles as a firmware update port.


  1. Bikerumor on

    I took the ride kick on the dirt and it totally spins the wheels, which got quite a few chuckles from myself and others.

    I think the Boombotix comes with a strap to mount on the bar and clip to it or your messenger pack.


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