Interbike Randomness – Kinetic Koffee, Oury & QuickRak


Kinetic Koffee has two new roasts that are currently just for local retailers and special friends, but if demand is there, who knows. Personally, we’ve been bugging Mark for a light roast for years, so we’re hopeful. The Blonde Bomb is a Central and South American bean blend that’s bright and sweet and very high in caffeine. The Half-Kaf is a blend of their Espresso Kinetico and Dekaf Dekadence for those looking for something a little less jittery. Find them on Facebook and bug them if you want it.


For the holidays (or just for fun), they have a new Caffeination Kit with the Aeropress, a mug and a bag of ground coffee ready to use. Retail is $48.


New “metallic” colors from Oury that’ll retail for about $10.


QuickRak is “the most portable, lightweight” bike roof rack ever. For $50, you get two polyurethane foam pads for your handlebars and two straps to hook it to your hood and hatch, then hop in the car and go. Good for when your sweetie has to pick you up because it starts storming or you had a major technical issue. Just keep ’em in the trunk or your commuter pack. They say they’re good for highway speeds. Instructions are printed on a tyvek sheet that’s stitched to the strap.

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11 years ago

That quickrack is a great idea… if you don’t mind royally screwing up your paint, door seals, and possibly interior. Yikes. Looping a strap through the doors to hold something tight to the roof = bad idea.And then relying on friction between saddle + pads on your roof paint… uuuuuuugh. It makes my inner detailer cringe.

John Willis
John Willis
11 years ago

Two things I wanted to see from Interbike most: bags of coffee and 30yr old grips

11 years ago

Hey Blurr,

I’m Roland and I’m one of the co-founders at QuickRak. We understand your concern and we’ve been hearing it since our first prototype from about a year and a half ago. We’ve taken time to think about it and test the rack out on a bunch of vehicles with different bikes and in different conditions and we feel strongly that your “inner detailer” doesn’t have much to worry about. Here’s the deal:

First off, drop by our booth and you can inspect the roof of the SmartCar that I personally drove from San Francisco to Vegas using the QuickRak. You won’t find any scratches in the roof. The pads are made of soft but firm foam that won’t damage your paint job especially if you take a moment to make sure there is not dirt or grit under the pad when you put it on the roof. If you have a soft seat that won’t damage your roof either. If, however, you have one of those Brooks saddles with metal rivits, we recommend wrapping your saddle in a t-shirt before placing on the roof of your car. As a side note, you might want to be careful as we’ve found that this can incite and turn on women.

As a final note, it’s not the friction between the pads and the roof that hold your bike in place. In fact, the strength of the system is it’s dynamic and flexible structure. In short, it’s the straps that hold the bike in place, not the pads or saddle.

All that said, this rack is really designed for urban use and quick jaunts around town. If you’re planning on taking to the highway as we did on our way to Vegas, we suggest a good roof wipe down before getting started. We hope you’ll reconsider and give it a try. More info at



11 years ago

One small correction: The Kinetic Koffee Half-Kaf is 50% Dekaf Decadence and 50% French Konnexion (rather than Espresso Kinetico).