isla bikes premium youth cyclocross bikes

The options for kids bikes just keep getting better,and we couldn’t be more excited…particularly when there’s a disc brake cyclocross on offer, filling in a category that’s been sorely deficient in youth sizes. And IslaBikes has built not one, but three different wheel size options, fitting 8 year olds and up with 24″, 26″ and 700c options, and all equally ready for slicks to turn them into road bikes.

Add in an even wider spread of sizes for mountain bikes and you’ve got everything you need to get your kid across the finish line…

2017 Isla Bikes premium youth disc brake cyclocross bikes for kids

All three Luath ‘cross bikes have a 7005-series alloy frame and use a single front chainring and Avid BB7 mechanical disc brakes. Shown above is the Luath 24″, and the 700 below.

2017 Isla Bikes premium youth disc brake cyclocross bikes for kids

They all get equipped with Ultegra shifters and rear derailleur, Stan’s Crest rims, a full carbon 1-1/8″ straight fork, carbon seatpost and house brand folding kevlar bead 185tpi tires with tan sidewalls. Cranks vary by wheel size to be length appropriate and spin on a titanium BB spindle with carbon shell. Retail is $2,399 for any wheel size.

2017 Isla Bikes premium youth disc brake mountain bikes for kids

The Creig is a 7005-T6 aluminum mountain bike that comes in 24″ and 26″ wheel sizes, both with Rockshox 30 Gold air sprung suspension forks, Avid DB5 hydraulic brakes and Stan’s NoTubes Crest rims with Schwalbe Rocket Ron tires.

They also get the titanium BB and carbon seatpost, alloy Isla cranks with narrow-wide 1x chainring, paired with an XT 11-42 11-speed cassette and SRAM GX1 11-speed twist shifter and rear mech. Retail is $2,299. They’re rated for 8+ and 9+ years of age, depending on wheel size.

2017 Isla Bikes premium youth disc brake mountain bikes for little kids

The 20″ Beinn Pro trades the suspension for a full carbon fork, but keeps the hydraulic disc brakes, smooth-weld 7005-series alloy frame and premium build.


The DB5 hydro brake levers’ reach is custom adjusted for smaller hands, and the grips are thinner and paired with GripShift twist shifters. They shift a 9-speed 11-36 cassette. Retail is $1,499, including their super light, low profile alloy flat pedals with adjustable titanium pins.

For even smaller riders, the Cnoc goes with rim brakes on 16″ wheels using 14/17 stainless spokes in a very low count laced to lightweight alloy Isla rims. Those are stuck inside a similar 7005 alloy frame and 1″ steerer 3K carbon fork. It’s a single speed design, pairing a 25T front with 14T rear cog. Retail is $1,199 and includes the same pedals.

All are available for pre-order now, check their website and the individual product pages for size guidelines to get the right size for your little racer.


  1. Frank on

    As a weight weenie, bike snob and father of a toddler, I can say that these bikes are ridiculous. WTF? We still have college to pay for.

    I like the idea of good quality bikes for kids, but can they have a “Comp” series with little less carbon and Ti for half the price?

  2. Dan on

    Cross bikes look great! On the MTB’s I don’t understand the carbon seat post and ti spindle of the BB to “save weight” then kill that weight savings and spec the heavy Rock Shox 30 Gold on a bike that costs $2,300. At these prices, weights should be listed as the most important buying decision.

  3. Mark on

    These are super nice. We purchased a Trailcraft Pineridge 24 last year, very similar spec actually. Good to have so many options now, not the case 5 years ago with our eldest son.

  4. Mazdamia on

    While I am all for more nice kids bikes, this really isn’t that great of a spec for the price. I bought a Cannondale Street for my 9yr. old on sale for $250, added a Manitou R seven fork, Trailcraft cranks, rebuilt the front and rear wheels with XT hubs and double butted spokes, same tires as this bike, 2×10 XT, etc and it works great. Probably set me back about $1k at the most. Did similar to a Ghost bike that I picked-up in Canada at MEC. Only the rims are really higher spec from what I see, and they work great for my girls riding and racing.

    We also own an Isla road bike for my 10 year old girl and it is nice, so I appreciate the brand, but these seem a little high for what you get.


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