Islabikes Luath Range

Kids love bikes. Kids love bikes even more when they don’t weigh more than they do and have components that actually fit them and work properly. Islabikes know this, which is why renowned British designer Isla Rowntree designed a line of bikes specifically for children with tailored components so your child can love the ride as much as you do. Islabikes launched their line of bikes to the US in April, with shipping to the lower 48 states out of Portland. Bicycles are shipped directly to the consumer with minimal work needed to get them in running order.

The Islabikes line includes everything from balance bikes to the Luath road bike above with multiple sizes to fit all children.

The Luath Range is a road/CX/touring bike that is geared towards 8-15 year olds and weighs 20-22.5 lbs depending on the size. The Luath is offered in 24, 26″, and 700c wheels with the first two retailing for $599, and the 700c model going for $699. It features an 7005 T6 aluminum butted frame with a cro-moly fork and full rack and fender mounts.  Propelling the bike is an 1×8 drivetrain for the 24 and 26″ models and a 2×8 for the 700c bike with short reach proportional bars, stem, and brake levers on all three. Cross top brakes keep things safe adding an extra position for braking.

Islabikes Beinn Range

The Beinn Range is a multi purpose bike for 5-15 year olds that comes in at 17.3-21.7 lbs for 20-26″ wheeled bikes. Both the 20″ and 26″ wheeled sizes also come in a small and a large frame so there are plenty of options for the right fit. Again the bike offers an aluminum frame with cro-moly forks all built with proportional geomety based on the size.

Gearing is provided through a single Grip Shift with 7 or 8 speed drivetrains mated with very short reach levers and V-brakes. Note the steerer has plenty of room to accommodate growth and everything from the saddle to the pedals is optimized for the little ones. Beinns will run $399 for the 20″ and $499 for the 24 and 26″ bikes.

Islabikes Cnoc

Getting smaller, the Cnoc Range is billed as a starter bike for 3-6 year olds. Built with either 14 or 16″ wheels, the Cnoc weighs about 12.5 lbs with an alloy frame and cro-moly fork. The US version differs from the Euro version pictured here in that it had to have a coaster brake to meet US safety requirements.

Too keep things comfortable, the Cnoc features a smaller diameter handlebar with smaller grips for tiny hands and a micro reach brake lever. It also feature s a sealed headset and bottom bracket – something you will find on very few kids’ bikes. The Cnoc retails for $269.

Islabikes RothanLast but not least, of course no kids’ line would be complete these days without a balance bike like the Islabikes Rothan. The 7.7lb bike for 2-4 year olds has a light aluminum frame with a rear hand brake. It also feature a built in steering limiter to prevent the bars from spinning around and affecting the brake. A Rothan will set you back $189.

For those who are near Portland, you can stop by Islabikes’ fitting facility to have your child fit to a bike, or use the size chart on their website. Shipping charges vary based on your location, but range from $25-40.


  1. Richard on

    This is fantastic news. We have 2 Isla bikes in the house (UK ex-pats) and I’ve been wanting to get more as the kids get older. I think there’s a Luath road bike in our future!

  2. Jason on

    Looks great, but according to my 11 year-old daughter, the red is a “little too boyish.” Any plans on more feminine colors? I’ve been thinking of getting my daughter a intro road bike.

  3. Alex K on

    Their Beinn range is exactly the same as the Cannondale kid offering for that size – $400. I guess the difference is that you can mail order the bike instead of buying one for the same price from a bike shop?


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