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Jabra’s New Earbuds Can Hear Your Heart Through Your Ears

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Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless Earbuds

The Sport Pulse Wireless ear buds from Jabra are wireless, have premium sound and other features similar to other high-end ear buds. But these can actually measure your heart rate through the ear buds, and transmit that information back to your phone, for use in their tracking app.

Measuring heart rate has been traditionally done through a chest strap, but new wireless technologies are starting to change that, and very fast. Also in ear phones, SMS Audio can do the same thing, and Lifebeam can measure from your helmet. Jabra promises more than just measuring the heart and playing music…

Jabra_Sport_Pulse_Wireless_Product Jabra says the structural elements of the ear buds are made from carbon fiber, and are completely sealed and waterproof, so that you can use them in any conditions. They took the training and heart rate measurement seriously, working with Campbell University in North Carolina to calibrate the ear buds to a 99.2% accuracy when measured against an electrocardiogram. Jabra says one of the best advantages of the entire system is that you can control your workout and your music from one single app.

Jabra Sport Pulse App

The Jabra Sport Life app can help you plan, track and evaluate your workout. There are features to set goals such as distance, calories burned or time, and the ability to set heart rate training zones, giving audible feedback if you go outside of that zone. The app will work on iOs and Android devices.

Wireless earphone technology has been a challenge for sports-minded companies, as there must be a battery to power the devices.  The Sport Pulse Wireless’ have the left and right ear buds connected to each other, with a USB rechargeable battery in between.  Also in the unit is a triaxial sensor that can actually detect how you are moving, sending this information wirelessly to the app.  There are not a lot of details available, but the heart rate is measured similarly by a sensor in one of the ear buds.  All of this, and the music is communicated with your device via Bluetooth 4,0.

The Sport Pulse Wireless earbuds are already available from direct from Jabra and from Best Buy for $199.99.



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Tim Reynolds
9 years ago

These Jabra’s are perfect for runners who want to know how well they are doing, how hard is the body working. The idea of fitness tracking from your ears is brilliant.

Jane Lee
7 years ago

I’ve actually tried the previous model of Jabras which have been one of my favourite headsets for exercising, and have been very durable. The latest Jabras look quite impressive and especially their design stands out.

7 years ago

The heart rate monitor really is just an extra perk to these earbuds – kindve gimmicky in my opinion – just because most runners already have another mode of HR tracking like watches or chest straps with GPS and other features. However the sound quality of this IEM is quite impressive for the price, and sometimes its nice to leave all the extra hardware at home and just use the Jabra’s built in HR functionality.

5 years ago

Actually i own a pair of Jabras earbuds and i’ve got to say that are very good. These earbuds are perfect for people who run a lot and also these look great.

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