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JensonUSA Holiday Gift Guide… for the Cyclocross Racer

jensonusa gift guide and hot deals on bicycle components tires and gear for cyclocross racers
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Looking for the perfect gift for your favorite Cyclocross Racer? Ideas for your own wishlist? Or just wanna stuff your own stocking with a good deal? Since our Bikerumor Editor’s wish lists are focused on products we’ve tested and recommend, we turned to our friends at JensonUSA to provide a gift guide full of popular items and killer deals for every budget, from under $10 up to $100 and more.


christmas holiday gift ideas for cyclocross racers and cyclists

  • ‘Cross can be muddy, but your arse (and team kit) needn’t be. Keep it clean with Ass Savers pop-in fenders that attach in seconds to your saddle rails. Available in regular or wide. ($9.99)
  • If you’re serious, you’re probably running tubeless and folding bead tires. And maybe you’ve got a pit bike. In which case, a cheap file tread rear tire makes for a great backup, and something to ride on the trainer if you can’t get out on the course. The Schwalbe CX Comp 700×35 is just that tire. ($7.99)

$10 to $25

christmas holiday gift ideas for cyclocross racers and cyclists

  • The thing about running tubeless for a discipline like cyclocross is that you’re often changing tires based on conditions. So, you’re going through a lot of sealant. Add one (or two) of these to your favorite ‘crosser’s stocking and you’ll make their day. ($28 for 32oz)
  • Wax lubes run clean, and Squirt is one of our favorites thanks to its quiet, slick performance and multi-condition use. It’s called a wet & dry lube, and we use it for almost everything in between, too…which makes it perfect for cyclocross. Just don’t leave it in your car in freezing temps! ($15.95)
  • Speaking of lubes, Pedro’s Bike Lust has been a standby for decades as the bike polish to help keep mud and snow from sticking to your frame. At least for a few extra minutes, giving you a little edge when everyone elses’ bikes are getting bogged down with sludge! ($16.00)

$25 to $50

  • If you’re like us, we warm up with plenty of layers, then shed them on the start line to get as light and fast as possible. Defeat’s Arm Skins are the standby, offering warmth right up until the last second, then quick removal to reveal your guns before the start gun. Available in black and neon yellow, which is great for road riding visibility, too! ($22.49)
  • If your B-bike or dry conditions needs are a little more pro than the Schwalbe above, check out Kenda’s Happy Medium Pro, which gets a supple 120tpi casing, folding bead and tubeless sealant readiness. ($29.99)
  • Hammer Nutrition’s Race Cap Supremes help put the finishing touches on a summer of training by providing energy supporting and producing nutrients. ($48.95 for 90 capsules)
  • ‘Cross is one discipline you can get away with ultralight brake rotors, and the KCNC Kasditor 2-piece brake rotor comes in at just 67g for the 140mm rotor. Also available in 160mm and 180mm, so check your recipient’s rotor size before ordering! ($45 to $53)

$50 to $100

christmas holiday gift ideas for cyclocross racers and cyclists

  • If you like your gifts to pull double duty, the Shimano XTR Race pedals can see year ’round use by moving to your mountain bike when cyclocross season ends. And they’re half off! ($87.99)
  • Whether it’s cloudy, snowy, rainy or sunny, the Scott Leap LS Sunglasses have you covered with full sized wind (and rain, and mud splatter) protection in a photochromic lens that’ll lighten up in overcast conditions. (Just a bit over the category limit at $109.99)
  • One of the easiest upgrade to shave weight is going to a 1x drivetrain, and AbsoluteBlack’s CX rings have proven themselves capable at holding your chain in place all race long. Available in 110 and 130 BCD, in black and red ($76.00)

OVER $100

christmas holiday gift ideas for cyclocross racers and cyclists

  • Do you really want to haul your digital, plug-and-play smart trainer out to the races? No. You want something sturdy, reliable and quality, but not so expensive that it can’t get a little dirty. The CycleOps Mag+ trainer is just that, has a remote, and makes the perfect friends-coming-over-to-train-with-me trainer to have around the house, too. ($197.99)
  • The WTB Rocket Carbon Saddle is light, cushioned and has just enough tail kick to provide a powerful riding position…but still let you dismount with ease. ($224.95)
  • The Giro Empire VR90 is simply gorgeous, and the laces give it a classic look despite the full modern synthetic upper and full carbon sole. Rugged Vibram rubber tread on the bottom makes run-ups much (well, OK, a little) easier. Also available in Black/Lime.($300)
  • The Niner BSB frameset gives your ‘crosser the ultimate upgrade with a lightweight, stiff, race-optimized carbon frame and fork that’s ready to be built up just the way they want. Available in black and green/blue, extremely limited quantities left! ($2,300)

Check out JensonUSA’s Gift Guides and deals for the Roadie and the Mountain Biker, and stay tuned for gift guides for the Commuter and Gravel Grinder!

Full Disclosure: These product lists were a collaboration between JensonUSA and Bikerumor’s editors to select products that meet our performance standards and/or represent killer deals. These are affiliate links, so if you end up buying something, might earn us a few pennies so we can keep the lights on and the servers humming.

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6 years ago

“If you’re serious, you’re probably running tubeless”

lol. This guy doesn’t cx

6 years ago
Reply to  comrad

Well, I don’t entirely disagree…. I’d say “If you’re serious, you’re probably running tubulars or at least tubeless clinchers”…

6 years ago
Reply to  comrad

-Barney Gumble

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