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You’ve already seen the standard JET Roll tool roll, which conveniently stores essential tools and a replacement tube, making it a great option to hang off your saddle or stuff into your jersey pocket. Better yet, it keeps all of your gear in one easy to locate package so you aren’t racing around the house trying to put together a flat kit every time you’re going out for a ride (guilty).

While the original JET Roll is perfect for a flat kit, Just Enough Tools has a new version meant for your other ride essentials. Namely, your phone, keys, money/cards, or even a small camera. For those items, check out the revised JET Roll III and the new JET Roll SuperSonic light weight wrap…


Using the same basic construction as the JET Roll II, the III has been revised to fit smart phones and other items you typically carry with you on a ride snugly. Fitting phones up to 4.5″x 2.5″, the dimensions of the III are the same as the II so you can still use it to store the same tools and tubes. The difference comes in the addition of a second button which allows it to be closed more tightly around a cell phone and keys. The wrap is not waterproof so you would still probably want to put your phone in a waterproof bag first. Pricing for the JET Roll II starts at $55.

Jet roll supersonic tool wrap phone roll iii (3)

Jet roll supersonic tool wrap phone roll iii (2) Jet roll supersonic tool wrap phone roll iii (1)

If you’re the type to weigh out your tools then the new JET Roll SuperSonic might be of interest. Built to be a super light version of the JET Roll II, the SuperSonic checks in at 18g while the II is a portly 26g. Shipped with a black nylon strap with metal buckle (20g), the SuperSonic is crafted from ultra light, water resistant, and durable fabric that should also make for a slightly more compact bundle in your pocket. Available in black or silver with matte black trim and contrasting stitching, SuperSonics check in at $45.

jet roll giro version

Finally, if you’re in the mood to celebrate the Giro, there is a special Italia limited edition with pink accents for $60. As an added bonus, the company is offering 20% off all orders during the month of May with the code “JET.”


  1. Steve on

    The JET Roll MTB will hold a current iPhone with room to spare for extra items.
    The main tube compartment of the JET Roll MTB measures 6″ x 4.25″ or 152mm x 108mm.
    The JET Roll III will accommodate smaller, more compact phones along with cash, a credit card and other small personal items.

  2. Steve on

    Advanced, hi-tech synthetic with a similar look and feel as canvas for the JET Roll, JET Roll II, JET Roll III, and MTB. The ultra lightweight JET Roll Supersonic is made from ballistic, tear resistant, highly water resistant urethane coated nylon. The new premium JET Roll Phantom (coming soon) will be made from a new, extremely hi-tech synthetic leather with a crystal button closure and distinctive trim.

  3. Steve on

    The May JET Roll PROMO is 20% OFF your entire JET Roll order with free shipping on USA orders. International orders ship free over US$100.

  4. John on

    Looks like a cool product but I honestly don’t see $55 of value here. Waterproof or at least a waterproof compartment for the phone at least might help in that regard.

  5. Steve on

    Each JET Roll is made one at a time, by hand, from premium, high quality, hi-tech materials. This is not your average saddle bag tool roll. While the understated look may appear simple, each JET Roll has been designed to have multiple uses for the cyclist. The patent pending double button hole design allows the JET Roll to be securely attached to the saddle rails via the included strap or closed and carried in a jersey pocket or pack with a button closure.
    JET Roll is versatile and convenient.
    See for full product details and specs.
    Memorial Day JET Roll Special – use code ” TAKEOFF ” for 30% OFF and free shipping.

  6. Steve on

    JET Roll is uniquely designed to be versatile and convenient. Each JET Roll is constructed from the highest quality industrial grade materials. Each JET Roll has been thoroughly tested for durability and longevity. With proper care, a JET Roll should last a very long time.

    Use code ” JET ” until the end of May for 20% OFF all JET Roll products, including SALE items.

    Also, see the Special Promotional Offer on the new JET Roll – Phantom.

    These very attractive offers are for a limited time only, while supplies last.


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